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milligan trout degree
03-09-2008, 11:36 PM
Today was my last day of spring break, so I decided to celebrate with an all day adventure on the s. holston. I woke up early and left my house around seven. I hit the water at nine at some private access in the middle section of the river. It was straight up cold this morning. Had to bust ice from the guides pretty often. I guess that slowed the fish down some too early. I did a lot of fly changing in the first hour searching for something the fish wanted to eat. I eventually decided that there may be a blue wing hatch later in the day and that the nymphs would be swimming around early. The hatch never came, but I must have been right about the nymphs. After getting skunked for an hour, I hooked up on three of my next five casts with the bwo nymph. The second of those fish I never got a chance to see, or even slow down for that matter. I know it was a hog though, that took my into backing quick. I managed to get within about twenty feet chasing it downstream when the fly just simply came popped out of its mouth. What do you do? It happens. After a few more fish from the riffles I was fishing, I decided to head upstream to another great riffle/run I knew I wanted to fish. On my way up, I noticed fish rising steadily to seemingly midges or emergers in some slick water. I tried a bwo emerger, but they didn't care, and I didnt feel like bothering with fishing tiny midge dries when I really just wanted to nymph rig the riffles I was headed to, so I decided to put my bwo nymph back on and strip it slowly through the slow water. I put a cast a few feet ahead of the risers, let it drift, slow strip, slow strip, boom I felt like I was streamer fishing when the fish hit. This fish ran to some deeper water and held fast to the bottom. I mean it got down and sat still. I was sure it had hung me around something and broke itself free leaving me tangled. For atleast 20 seconds, I jerked on my rod trying to get it loose, then I walked out to around ten feet of where it was stuck when the fish spooked and shot downstream taking my into my backing. I eventually tired this bow out and landed it. It wasn't quite the fish I thought it was, but every fish I caught today was seriously strong and all wanted to make long runs. This bow was about 16 inches. Later on, I made it up to my intended run and kept steadily catching more fish. A mix of browns and bows, consistently. The only problem with the riffle/run I was fishing was that it all ended into a four foot deep pool that extended about six foot downstream and eight foot across. The pool is formed by a fallen tree with its roots facing upstream. I call the hole the hog pen, because it always holds some big fish that are always hungry. The difficulty comes in landing the fish from the hole. I'm usually using 5x or 6x and trying to horse fish out before they break me off into the tree is tough. I broke two off in the hole today. One was 20+. It makes me sick to actually see the fish on the end of my line and know that I'm pretty much at its mercy.

I did see some blue wings come off today, and believe it not, a few of the 365 day s. holston sulphurs as well. I only fished a dry for few minutes to some risers, and caught two, but all my other fish came on bwo nymphs and pheasant tails. Great day though, landed a lot of quality fish. The average fishing being 12 or 13 inches. And that has nothing to do with the quality of the angler, its all about the quality of the river. I love this river, great fishing, beautiful water, and gorgeous scenery below Holston Mountain. Fishing may ruin my life, I admit I have a problem.






03-10-2008, 12:07 AM
Glad to see you had a great day up there. I was up there about a month ago but didn't do that good. What we did catch were nice and colorful though.


03-10-2008, 12:16 AM
Yea, so you just made my night easier...I was debating on tying up some size 18 sulphers after tying up a new little secret of mine! Which is really sweet because it plays right along with your post. Man glad to see you had a great day on the water! Congrat's! We should also hook up on the SOHO or the Watauga in the near future!

Congrats again and nice hero shot! Keep um coming!


milligan trout degree
03-10-2008, 12:28 PM
Yea man, go ahead tie up a mess of them, it's only a matter of time before the sulphurs are coming off consistently anyway. We ought to get together for a trip sometime. Besides a few hours in the evenings on some days, I stay kinda busy with school and baseball, Sundays are my best bet to put in a good day of fishing.