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03-10-2008, 08:21 AM
(not the tv show!)

I think we're gonna do it! That's go up to 24. I know it's talked about a lot on here, but I hope I get some good information. I also hope I don't just ask the same ol' questions.

I'm pretty skeptical about Elkmont. Probably just me, but is there something different about that section vs roadside LR or Tremont? Should I fish differently up site 24 way?

Is that section wide enough for me to take a buddy out and show them stuff even if they don't have waders?

Rog 1
03-10-2008, 09:33 AM
24 is my location of choice and where I first began backcountry camping. It is a great location to hike into and set up a base camp for all types of fishing. Rough Creek runs right next to 24 and in most places you can almost step across the water but it holds bows and browns to a stealthy approach.
Most of the water up here is great dry fly water but wets will work also. The area has almost any type of water you want. I have never used waters up there from mid April thru mid October....some places are wide enough for two to fish opposite sides at the same time. A half mile walk down stream will put you at the fork of Fish Camp Prong....this is all the water you can fish in a day....above 24 is the three forks areas...small water but with a chance to catch brookies....fishing from the campsite upstream there is a good possibility of a slam without leave the stream....long casts are not needed...while this is a fairly large site there are enough off sites that will allow you the feeling of being away from it all especially during the week...another bonus, is that during mid June this area also has the same firefly show that the Elkmont campground is world famous for.