View Full Version : Report on Clinch River and Earthquake

Flat Fly n
03-16-2008, 11:17 PM
This afternoon my son and I fished the "Horse trailer" area above the weir. At least 18 fish to hand, about 6 missed on the strike. One fly only, an #18 midge(that's all the info you get). I was hoping for the sunshine to put out some radiant heating and get a good midge rise in the evening but it did not happen. My son BTW caught the new Clinch River trifecta (brown, brookie,and Bow). The Clinch was crowded for a Sunday with the closest person to me other than my son was 300 yards away. Honestly, I saw only 2 guys wading above the weir area, about 4 up by the cable pool, 2 bankers, and a few at the handicap access. Very quite, very peaceful afternoon.

The earthquake happened when we left the river and were in the truck, 2 TWRA agents showed up and parked beside me. I thanked them for being there on a Sunday afternoon. They asked how fishing had been, and had we kept any. They also politely excused themselves and said they had to go check someone on the bank. Can you believe it? Fishing the river since 1986 and never seen the first truck. I am writing TWRA tomorrow to thank them.

BTW..No fish kept, no fish in the slot, or sadly above the slot.

03-17-2008, 12:27 PM
3 of my friends and me fished the clinch on sunday too and there were quite a few people below the weir. We had a fair day. I like to hear that TWRA was out on patrol sunday. There are ALOT of people that fish the clinch and they are not obeying the new slot limit. I bet they will when they get a ticket. Thats great that your son caught the mix on the clinch. One of my friend caught a brook on sunday too. I have fished the clinch alot and that was the first one I have ever seen up there. All of our fish came on spoons and rapalas. One guy with us caught a 21" brown. Between the 4 of us we caught 52. Not vary many small fish on this trip which always makes it more fun.