View Full Version : North River and Tellico 3/13-3/16

03-17-2008, 10:50 PM
Spent the weekend with MTFF at North river group camp. in spite of the rain, lighting hail and sleet (everything i had with me is still damp) had a great time. Went up Thursday night and starting fishing Friday morning. Started on the North River and moved on down to the Tellico with no success. Three members of the club came by and invited me to go with them to fish a smaller stream. I have been asked not to give out the name of this stream. But had a great time, caught three nice bows and missed several others due being rusty. Missed six in one hole, finally got upset and set the hook so hard I think I pulled the lips off one. Yellow Stimulator #12 with a stone fly dropper seemed to be the ticket. spent the night wonder what would happen to a man sleeping on a metal cot if the lighting came a little closer. But I survived to fish another day. Spent most of the next morning watching the rain turn the camp ground into huge mud bog. Had to use 4wd twice in one week, once for the snow and once to get out of my camp site. Headed up high after Brookies, had no luck. Actually now I think about it what a crazed idiot I was to be out in storming weather with high winds, lighting and ice pellets, with the steams having about 4 times the flow. Gave up and went back to the tent for a nap and a pot luck dinner with the club. Sent a windy night then broke camp and header over to LRO.
In spite of the weather I had a great time, I am very glad I joined MTFF, its a great group of men and women.