View Full Version : Minnow-Shiner Streamer

03-19-2008, 12:50 PM
After spending time to better my fish identification skills on the TWRA web site. I noticed a trend in bait fish. Shiners and minnows mostly have a yellow-ish-tan or golden upper half and the upper half is rarely dominantly dark green like traditional streamers are. So I decided to design a streamer to mimic this general pattern.


I started the construction by attaching a bar-bell weight to a #2 hook. Then I tied a white and tan marabou feather with a small green piece on top. I mixed in a few pieces of green and silver mylar to mimic the shininess of the scales, but not too much. I finished by adding a few streaks of color with sharpies including red to match a flared gill because some bait fish have these subtle tones.

I believe most of these bait fish are warm water species so this would probably be most effective there.