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03-24-2008, 03:46 PM
Are we allowed to sell personal items on here. I have a few things I am getting rid of and thought this would be a good place to sell them. Thank you. Josh

Paula Begley
03-24-2008, 04:23 PM
Josh, I am sorry, but no. If we allowed that on the site, no matter what it is, it would open a whole can of worms that could get messy.

Thank you so much for asking first.


03-24-2008, 06:09 PM
craigslist is a good option...

03-25-2008, 10:20 AM
There are several fly anglers online message boards that allow selling personal items. These are not affilliated with LRO or any other retail business so there's no conflict. I don't feel comfortable posting the web addresses on the LRO site but I've probably given you enough hints to go to google and find a couple.

Paula and Byron, I, for one, support and appreciate your position on the sellig of stuff here.

Jeff Sluder

Byron Begley
03-25-2008, 11:18 AM

We know that. Thanks for being a big supporter. Same to Josh and Kevin. I've got a few things I should sell.


03-26-2008, 02:39 PM
Thanks guys. I understand your position. I will try craigslist or something else.