View Full Version : Outter Creek Ky

03-30-2008, 06:17 PM
The water was high my friends. Like the waist of an old mans pants at the beach, but I forged ahead anyway.

Fished a fast riffle for awhile then moved on to a run. The fast water was getting the best of me but I was out fishing with my buddy Mike so all seemed right. I came around a nice bend and saw an area with some big old boils and eddies.

I hunkered down to look the situation over and thought back to "Anatomy of a Trout Stream" and wondered what Rick Hafele would do. I tied on a green wooley bugger with an indicator and cast away. Thinking, natural drift, stick up as the indicator moves towards me and down as it passes, keep as much of the fly line out of the water.

Wow, I AM THE MAN.:cool: On the fourth cast WHAM. I scream at Mike and he heads over to help give CPR to the fish (Catch, photo, release)

Here the beast comes, about 15 feet away, its a bass. I AM THE MAN.

Then WHAM, its gone.:eek: What the......

Wooley Bugger $1.65
Gas to fishing hole $20.00
Good fishing knot to tie tippet onto the leader PRICELESS

Dang it! Note to self, work on knots before trip next week to the Smokies.

Still a great day