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04-03-2008, 07:24 PM
just spent two days fishing with my dad in the smokies. the weather was great.wore waders in the mornings and wet waded after lunch both days.the air temp was in the 70s and the water temp had to be up in the 50s.
i took my dad who is the greatest fisherman i ever known but he has never did any trout fishing.starting him off on wild smokey mtn trout was going to be tough.
day one we went into cataloochee valley.got in about 10 am and with the overcast skies the elk were out in numbers.from just above the rangers house to the end of the road on rough fork i counted 30.also one gobbler,two deer and something that looked like some sort of chicken but wasnt. we fished in front of the caldwell house up for about 50 yards.dad was having a little trouble with that double nymph rig. he also cost me a small fourtune in flies. after he started to get the hang of it i went on trying my luck.caught a few nice rainbows before he finally yelled that he had one. to my surprise the first ever trout he catches is a small brookie. a few minutes later he catches his second ever trout that was also a brookie. after about a hour and a half i had five bows and he had his 2 brookies.after lunch we went to the second bridge on cataloochee past the palmer place. missed a few but got none to hand. the sun had come out and it had gotten hot.between the 2 streams i never saw a fish rise. a large hatch of big quill gordons came off for most of the day.down on cataloochee what i think was a dark caddis fly hatch came off.not many but flies just the same.most of my fish were caught on a black wd 40 and my dads brookies were caught on a 16 BHHE. fished for about 3 hrs on day one.
day two i decided to take him over to fish some tribel waters.my thinking was he would catch some fish.we drove thru indian creek campground and started fishing at 8 am.both of us managed 5 fish each.the fish truck was dumping them on top of us but they would not bite.next we went to straight fork.started fishing at 11 am. if you are ever it that area do not pass up straight fork. we fished for 4 hrs.dad caught 4 or 5 more before he was wore out from the fast water and took a nap in the car.by days end i had managed 25 to hand and missed many many more.this is hard water to fish but great water never the less. we first started fishing about a quarter of a mile inside the park past the hatchery. i had caught 2 when my indicater disapperd behind a big rock in some slow water about 2 feet deep.when i first seen the fish i knew it was a nice one.when all was said and done i had a bow that was atleast 18 inches and maybe more in my net. it may have come up from the hatchery but a nice fish. we drove up to the first bridge which is not actually over the water.we parked,dad slept and i walked down about 100 yards.i fished up about 100 yards above the bridge.that is where all the rest of the fish came from.bows and browns.most in the 5-6 inch range.several in the 8 to 10 inch range. all fish were caught early on BHHE which was dropped off a BHPT.the fish started hitting the BHPT before we left.flies dropping all over the water but still no fish rising. i enjoyed the time with my dad.he had fun fishing but i think he had more fun during the 2 hrs we spent in the casino.at 68 yrs old i think he did great fighting that fast water and learning to catch those sneaky fish. i do not get to spend as much time with my dad as i once did.i hope we get the chance to do it all over.
one thing i did learn.i now know what it was like when i was young and he had to bait the hook,take the fish off and get the knots out of the line.the tables have turned.weather forcast for today as we left was rain and temps in the upper 40s.

04-03-2008, 07:27 PM
your chicken was probably a grouse

04-03-2008, 10:26 PM
Father and son fishing trips are priceless. Sounds like you guys had a good time. Congrats.

04-03-2008, 11:35 PM
almost forgot. in maggie valley there is an italian place called snappy's.best prime rib dinner anywhere around.legends sports bar has the best burger. there may be better in town but they dont open up untill may. place was pretty quite.

04-03-2008, 11:39 PM
I know what you mean about Maggie Valley...that's where we usually stay, and it's primarily because of Joey's Pancake House...unfortunately, it too was closed last week - it should be open now.

That town is totally dead in-between seasons. The skiing season just ended, and the summer stuff hasn't started yet, so I guess it doesn't make much sense to burn electricity for no customers.

04-04-2008, 09:37 AM
I bet you know Shirley's in Cosby. I ate there on a rainout day a few weeks back. It was cheap and great. One of those mom and pop places where everything is good.

04-05-2008, 01:48 AM
Nope...never tried Shrley's...but I will on your recommendation....

Of all the 5-star eateries down here (and there are a lot), some of the best places are those hole-in-the-wall joints - the places not mentioned in the tour guides. The best oyster po-boy I ever had was from a nondescript gas station/convenience store in Chalmette...overstuffed with perfectly fried oysters. Sadly, it's long gone - not from Katrina, but from a fire long before that.

04-05-2008, 06:04 AM
I bet you know Shirley's in Cosby. I ate there on a rainout day a few weeks back. It was cheap and great. One of those mom and pop places where everything is good.

Shirley's is a great place to eat around here. We also eat at "Mama's Kitchen" alot too. It's next to the BP station up the road from Shirley's. That is our usual breakfast spot when we're heading towards the tailwaters.

04-05-2008, 09:37 AM
I bet you know Shirley's in Cosby. I ate there on a rainout day a few weeks back. It was cheap and great. One of those mom and pop places where everything is good.

Did Shirley's have mounted fish on the wall?


Like these?

04-05-2008, 10:09 AM
Shirley's is a good place to eat. Another hidden treat is Big Walley's. Located on highway 321 on the way to G-Burg beside a Texaco station.