View Full Version : Clinch Report

04-08-2008, 05:38 PM
I was lucky enough to get on the Clinch today. I fished the Hy 61 section near the church. It was a very good day! Used a GB olive bugger with a small BHPT trailer. Fish hit both. Saw one rise,so I slimmed down the leader with the same trailer. Caught one on top on an orange body Tom Thumb, two on the trailer. Water was about to rise and my shoulder was about gone, so I called it a day. Fish were in the 12-13" range. If there is a downside to tandem rigs, it is the occasional foul hooking. It is also easier to stick yourself. Hope to get back to the Clinch next week. Wishing all of you 'rings on the water'. Monktrout