View Full Version : cool morning on the East Prong

04-09-2008, 04:57 PM
I got to fish about 2 hours this morning before work. The water temp was 52.7 at 8 this morning and the air temp was 45 with alittle bite to it. I managed 2, 9 inch bows and they felt great on my new 3 weight. (Thanks Daniel and Byron.)I was getting really short on time so I ran up the river bank to try one more spot and bang. I hung a really nice fish but being in a rush I "horsed" him alittle to hard and he popped the 6x. He stayed deep in the pool so I never got even a good look at him so I can't say what he was other than heavy. The bites came on a #18 BHPT. The highlight was for a while everytime a car would pass it would blow the horn. I thought it was honk if you love flyfishermen day for a while and just laughed but it started to get annoying. When I left I found out why everyone was blowing. Two geese were standing in the road and wouldn't move. I couldn't see them from the river. 1 even had a band. I thought I might wrestle him to the ground and rob his jewelry but desided against it. They never flew off even when I was 5 feet from them. When I left the river was filling up with flyfishermen. I sure wish I could have stayed longer but bills have to be payed and I've yet to make money flyfishing.

04-09-2008, 06:12 PM
I seen you and the geese this morning. Looked like you were enjoying yourself. It's always good to enjoy new equipment. Bummer to lose a good fish but that's what keeps us coming back.