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milligan trout degree
04-20-2008, 11:08 PM
I woke up early friday morning to hit the s. holston for as long as I could. This was the first time in about three weeks I've gotten a chance to fish my favorite tailwater. I left the dorms right about a quarter till seven, grabbed breakfast at bojangles, and drove straight to webb bridge. My friend began fishing for some risers in the slack water downstream of the bridge and I began working up the run towards the bridge. I caught a 16" brown to start the day before making it all the way up to the bridge. This fish put on a few strong runs downstream and quickly made me realize that I had left my net in the car. I moved on up stream just a little and began consistently catching quality fish. Almost all of them being bows, and the average being around 13-14 inches. This was probably my best day for average size fish. Actually, it was probably one of the best days I've ever had on the water. But, then again, this river always leaves me saying that after every trip. The fish weren't being very picky at all. They hit just about everything I threw in the water, pheasant tails, blue wings nymphs, copper johns (original, red), sulphur emerger, and some midge pattern someone told me about. The fish were pretty particular about presentation though. A poor cast or drift never caught a fish, but when I got the cast where I wanted it and mended early enough to get my drift, I expected a fish everytime, and was rewarded almost as much. I also fished 5x to my first nymph, and 6x flouro to my second. I caught fish on both regularly all day. I'm beginning to question what size tippets I can get away with and still maximize my tippet strength. I think I'm gonna start leaning towards 5x flouro as a standard and move down from there. I think for most of my fishing (runs and riffles, nymphing water) I can get away with this move and also add another pound and half of tippet strength. Like I said, I caught a lot of quality sized fish, and only broke one off. Breaking big fish off has been a problem for me lately, which is what has prompted the rethinking of tippet choices. The one fish I did break off today never even gave me a chance. I hooked it upstream in a shallow riffle and it immediately leaped a good two feet out of the water like a tarpon. I can vividly remember that fish. A dark rainbow, like it was still holdong onto some spawning colors with a bright red stripe. It leaped once more after the first jump, both leaps occuring within the first two seconds of hook up, and then bolted upstream, popping me loose before I even realized what had happened. I'm really impressed with people who consistently land monster fish on 6x and 7x tippet using size 20, 22, 24 flies. It's an amazing feat to say the least. These fish are strong, and their runs and head shakes create much more than three pounds of force. I also noticed that these fish recieve some heavy pressure. I caught one fish which had a broken jaw that looked like someone had a hard time removing a large streamer hook or bait hook. Another fish had a copper john stuck in its bottom lip and one more had some wulff style fly. It had golden pheasant tail fibers for the tail, and an all peacock herl body, and typical wulff wings. I must say this river is fishing great right now. If anyone is looking for a fishing partner on this river sometime, let me know. I'm always up for a fishing trip. Just shoot me an email, bktaylor@milligan.edu

Here's some pictures from the day. I wish I would have taken more now.



04-21-2008, 03:33 PM

Sounds like you guys had a great day. I will have to meet up with you some Saturday and you can show me some of your tricks to the SoHo. It certainly is a beautiful and fun river!

04-21-2008, 05:30 PM
I couldn't decide between Hiwassee and SoHo this past weekend. However, some outside influences helped me to make my decision to go to the HI. Your pics make me wish I had traveled in the other direction. I am planning on being up there the first weekend in May to fish a little stretch of private water I found last year. Hopefully, I will have a similar report to share when I return.


milligan trout degree
04-22-2008, 01:46 AM
Dave, I'd be happy to go out some weekend for some fishing. My school year is winding down quick here, so I'll have a lot of free weekends here in about three weeks. Just send me an email and we'll get after 'em.

Travis, the s. holston has been fishing really well lately. I had a great day out and a friend of mine has been the past two days and really slayed some fish. He caught 18+ inch fish both days. Both just shy of twenty inches however. Hopefully the sulphurs will be popping by the time you get to come up in May. I haven't seen the forecast for this week, but here's to hoping for warm temps.