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04-22-2008, 06:04 PM
I went to the Holston below the Cherokee Dam today about 3:30 and there were no generators on and the water was very low and almost not moving.

I started throwing a weighted streamer that a guy made for me last year at Troutfest with no success. I somehow lost it in a tree that jumped in my way.

So I tied on a bwo parachute and a BHPT below. As soon as I dropped it in the water to start casting I started praying that they would turn on a generator. Well... about 2 seconds later I heard some rumbling to my rt and of course they turned on 2 generators and the water rose over 5 ft in 10 min.

I didn't see any fish rise and nothing went for my nymphs. I think the high sun and the fast water may have kept them out of my reach.

Does anyone else get up that way to fish? If so what flies do you prefer using, especially when they are moving water?

milligan trout degree
04-22-2008, 10:22 PM

When I'm not at school in Elizabethton, I live twelve miles from cherokee dam. I'll be fishing that river a lot more this summer. There is some good fishing below the dam, you have to make sure you walk down far enough though. If you were looking for generation, I'm guessing you were fishing the slick water below the dam. That's some of the most technical fishing I've down. Almost like fishing a pond. There are some nice riffles and runs before the bend down river. We'll have to meet up there sometime this summer. Maybe around mid-May if you're free sometime.


04-22-2008, 10:33 PM
Milligan- I would definetely be up for some fishing this summer. I work in Sevierville and would be able to make it up there without too much trouble. I would need a few days notice to clear my schedule.
Email me at flyfishjeep@hotmail.com

04-22-2008, 11:58 PM
I fish the Holston probably once a week also. I normally fish around Nancy's Ferry and lately the bug to be is a size 16 brown caddis. I normally drop a little zebra midge off the back and have never been disappointed from a trip out there. I also have had success with #14 Adams. I expect soon the sulfurs will start up and have always had better luck trimming some of the hair off the sulfur so it sits a little lower in the water, but by no means am I an expert about hatches or flies. Last Sunday I put two of my friends on some good fish, and caught plenty myself as well but that was while they were only running one generator. I would assume the water was just too high out there today for ya. Hope to see you guys out there some time if they stop running two or more generators every single week day and making it unwadable.