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04-23-2008, 03:27 PM
One thing that i love very much, i love to hear people tell me stories of their most memorable trout or for most people "trout's," that they have caught, and i know everyone loves telling the stories. With that said, i want to hear some good stories of everyones most memorable moments! Bring them on!

04-26-2008, 03:44 AM
Ok, I'll give it a shot since nobody's biting. There probably out making stories instead of telling them with this nice weather but anyway here goes. It was summer time 1996. A buddy and me were in tellico camped in Spivey Cove getting rained on. There was another group of friends camped farther up the river that had been laughing at us for getting up early every morning and fishing real early. The water was a little on the high side and slightly murky. We picked a section of water just a little ways below Green Cove Motel. We began fishing and both of us had caught several when we come to a split in the river. He took the right I took the left simple enough. I was almost to where the river came back together when something hit my yellarhammer fly hard. I set the hook and didn't move the fish. Nothing but the zing of my drag. After fighting the fish for a few moments it flushed downstream and I could see the size of a huge brown trout. I had already began screaming "Wade!!" " Wade!!!". My buddies name. The trout ran down to a larger hole and had ran beneathe an undercut tree root. There were sticks in my line and the fish wasn't coming out. I just knew he was a goner. Luckily Wade had heard my cries and had arrived to the scene of the crime. Wade trudged out and flushed the fish from the root and zing again he took off downstream. We were giving chase. Me reeling as I ran. The fish had ran down to a small waterfall but the fish was too big to get through the shallow water before the falls and Wade scooped the massive trout to hand. You can still see that 21" inch brown hanging in my kitchen and I will never forget the enjoyment of that moment.

04-28-2008, 10:28 AM
Wow man, that is awsome. I can defianantly say that i have never had to get a friend to get a trout out of the undercuts for me, congrats!! We need to get some more stories on this mug, that was awsome. I love reading stuff like that!

Rog 1
04-28-2008, 05:32 PM
While it did not have a happy ending it still sticks in my memory....I was fishing with a HS friend on a summer trip to my grandfather's in Tn. The three of us had hike up Fish Camp Prong above the Goshen fork on the Little River. At this one point the stream flowed down the side of the mountain and hit a solid rock wall that was perpendicular to the stream. This was was about waist high and allowed you to sneak up on the pool above without being seen. The run was deep and dark and when my hair wing coachman hit the water all I saw was a shadow as long as my forearm rise slowly from the bottom and slurp in my fly....when I set the hook nothing happened until the fish jerked his head and ripped out my fly....in 50 years of fishing in the park this is by far the largest rainbow I have ever had come to a fly....after cussin' a blue streak and being told by my grandfather that such language wouldn't help I slapped my fly down in disgust and soon lost another fish at least 12" long....to this day I can still remember the awe at the sight of this huge fish rising to my fly.....I never got back to that spot again but have little doubt that if I was to get there I would recognize that run in a heartbeat.....such has kept me looking for another such spot for more than 40 years.....hope springs eternal.

04-28-2008, 09:41 PM
I was fishing a small wild stream in Polk Co. Tn. This stream held both rainbows and browns. Every season me and my friends would catch several good browns there. There was one facinating pool up at the end of fishable water. There was a cascade that was about 25 ft. long and fairly steep. At the base of the cascade there was a cylinder shaped pool worn out in the bedrock. It was about 6 ft. deep and about 5 ft. across. Usually when you came upon it you could look into the bottom and see a fish or two. The fish in this pool was always hard to catch. When we first started fishing this stream we learned that above this pool and cascade there were no trout to be caught. The stream was still the same size but I guess when the trout were originally stocked thet made it up to this cascade and could go no further. That was our theory anyway.
One day I caught a 13 inch brown out of the pool. Instead of returning it to it's pool I grabbed it by it's lip and took off up the cascade and about 50 yds. upstream to a very impressive pool that I had seen several years before when I was learning the stream. This was in about 1980. The next year I was fishing the stream and ended up going up to where I had released the brown. It took several casts to locate and hook him but I did and he was 15 in. Next year I was fishing with a friend and went to the pool to try for him again. I told my friend exactly where he should be then promptly hooked him. My friend was impressed. I was to. He was 17 in. The next year I took another friend to the pool caught the brown and he was 18 in. Next year I took yet another friend to the pool, same thing this time he was 19 in. I fished for him several more times over the next few years but he never showed up again. Maybe he moved from the pool. Maybe he got caught . Maybe he died of old age.I'll never know. I would love to know though. If I didn't have three different witneses I don't think I would tell this s story. If anyone thinks this is a tall tale, I wouldn't blame you.

04-29-2008, 09:53 AM
Rog 1 i feel your pain man because i have had the same thing happen to me with a bow going for an adams dry, maybe not the same size as yours though, haha, and you know it's ALWAYS the ones that get away that you don't forget...

Paddlefish thats just incredible for that fish to have stayed stationary for so long, alomst like an actual friend to you. Thats awsome. Thats all i need is a big brown being my friend and staying in a certain spot for me to go after him.

04-29-2008, 09:56 AM
More stories everyone they've been great so far!!

04-29-2008, 09:58 AM
About 8 years ago, I was fairly new to fly fishing and had fished a decent amount in the park and the surrounding areas catching 4-10" fish. I was in college at the time and me and a few friends decided to go work at the lodge in Sun Valley, Idaho. When we arrived in June, all of the fly shops told me that there wouldn't be any fishing on the river through town for at least a month due to run off. There was no way I would wait a month to fish so I headed on down to the river with my 3wt, the only rod that I had. I hadn't been fishing long in fairly fast and deep water. I would cast out and walk down the bank with my nymph drifting a few feet out off of the bank. A nice fish took the fly and the fight was on. He turned broad side to the current and let the river take him down stream. My little lamson reel was screaming. I'm guessing the rainbow was only maybe 18" but with my limited experience, the fast water, and the small rod, it was destined to be epic. With the walkable stream bank ending and the images of A River Runs Through It in my head, I got down in the river to chase the fish. For the first few moments I was o.k. clinging to shrubs and roots on the river bank and bouncing along the bottom. The fish was still headed down stream in the current zinging line now into my backing. Up ahead I could see the backing going under some dead fall in the water and not wanting to get snagged myself I clawed my way up the bank only to have the backing break. I watched as my fly line kept going down river out of site. I got out of the river and began to empty out my waders only to find out I was right next to Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and one of their kids. I had bounced along the river and wound up behind their house. That is a whole 'nother story. After drying out, I went down stream looking for my fly line but came up empty handed. Having only been in Idaho a couple of days, I hadn't received a pay check yet so I had to wait a few weeks until I could replace the fly line about the same time the spring run off was gone.

04-29-2008, 12:35 PM
early last year in Feb. me and a couple buddies went to upper citico to fish for what we thought were nonexistant brown trout. I have been fishing up there ever since i began fly fishing and never caught a brown but had been hearing stories for a few seasons. The water that day was high and murky and the sky was overcast. We caught plenty of rainbows and some nice ones at that but we were on a mission. I came to a deep run about 20yds long and knee deep at tail out. I had on a San Juan below an indicator, made my first cast, and the orange piece of fuzz slipped beneath the surface film. I saw a big gold flash and the fish took off up stream. The fight then went down stream and the fish wedged itself under a rock. I switched up the angle and work the fish back up stream and had him at my feet. No Net! the fish faded back down stream and back up twice more before spitting the hook.
Heart breaking

Well I told ya that story to tell you this one. May of last, My net is hanging from my back and me and a buddy are fishing the thickest yellow sally hatch we'd ever come across. We were actually choking on bugs. in the last two hours of light we each caught about 40-50 fish. you didn't have to sneak, make a good cast,or drift.pretty awsome. 30 min before quiting time I tie into a hog, a rainbow i would guess at around 15-16 in. the fish pulled out all the stops and tried every trick in the book before a spectacular jump off a water fall into a deep run. The fish is tired by now and i think i have him wipped. I have his head above the water and have him skimming towards my net. Heres the kicker, he breaks off two inches shy of the net and my face is turnig blue.

04-29-2008, 03:16 PM
Ok gmreeves, thats just rediculous, and hilarious. I hope you went and asked for an autograph. Every time i get a nice fish on, i just wish that it would do that to me, ive had some backing incounters, but not like that, thats crazy.

oody3wt its funny because it just sounds like luck and big fish aren't meant for you haha, im truly sorry but hey what can you do right ha?

These stories are great everyone keep them coming!!