View Full Version : The Long Clinch Float

04-23-2008, 10:36 PM
I've made several trips from Peach Orchard to the 61 Bridge, but have any of y'all gone from Millers Island all the way down? I know it would be a long trip and you would need at least 2 hours of generation, but is it worth it?

From what I've seen it doesn't look like you can get around Millers Island even in a drift boat until the water comes up, then you would have to keep a pretty good pace to stay with the flow and get to the jail before the water drains out. Any thoughts?

04-24-2008, 07:42 PM
That's quite a float, and a two hour generation won't leave you much time to stop and fish. I've done that float in a canoe when the water came up and stayed up, but my experience is that there is plenty of good water between the Peach Orchard and Hwy 61 without adding the Miller's Island/Massengill Bridge sections.

Others have done it more than I have, and may have some other ideas, but as you say, you can't even float Miller Island until the water comes up, and you can get to some really good water even with the water down below Peach Orchard.

And remember, when the water drops, the wind is ALWAYS blowing upstream on the Clinch.

04-24-2008, 08:59 PM
Yeah, I floated today from Peach Orchard and they ran 1 generator for 2 hours. I think you would really have to boogie from Millers Island to get out before the water dropped.

Plus, I stopped and fished a while today. There was a hatch coming off from about noon until the time I took out at 6:30. Had some pretty nice fish.