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04-30-2008, 09:28 PM
Have planned a vacation for first week of July and would like some advice on fishing while Im there. I plan on taking both my fly rod and a spinning rod (I would rather concentrate mainly on fly fishing). Also I am going to be a little stubborn and not hire a guide. Just a few tips on flys and areas to fish would be appreciated.

If you would like to e-mail me it is redwards80@bellsouth.net


05-03-2008, 07:30 PM
I love the Destin area! You cant go wrong with both the jetties that time of year. Try fishing "the hole" right off the east tip of the east jetty. The end of the west jetty also provides really good fishing and is less crowded but is a longer hike and a little more dangerous to walk along. Both jetties have markers about 20 yards off the end that have big tarpon, bull reds, all the way to little blue runners hugging around them. You could also be very productive surf fishing from any area, especially the Henderson park area which is more peaceful away from the crowds. Here is a website www.pensacolafishingforum.com (http://www.pensacolafishingforum.com) these guys are locals to the panhandle area and would be able to provide more specific areas in the Choctawhatchee bay for you to fish, especially like some good grass flats in the bay for smaller redfish and nice specks. Renting a fishing kayak and going to some bay hotspots you might get from the locals on the forum i recommended would be a cheap ticket to some of the hottest fishing in Florida. They also have a fly fishing section on their forum:cool:

05-07-2008, 12:34 PM
The surf any where along the beach could produce lady fish or spanish that time of year. I always fish a chartreuse and white clouser with a 6wt or 8wt depending upon the wind. I've always wanted to try using a ladder in the surf but haven't yet. I usually fish from sun up until 8 or 9am before the kids get up.

Another fun thing to do is (if you can get a hold of a boat), is fish the bay at night under dock lights for speckled sea trout and redfish. This is really productive. Just find any lights that are close to the water. You can put in at Joe's Bayou off of Beach Road. There are lights in that cove so you won't even have to get out in the bay at night.

You can try Grayton Beach State Park down 30-A. They have a spot where a lake and the ocean come together at high tide. Any place like that and you'll do great.

If you decide to break down and get a guide, let me know. I have a few that I've had great success with fly fishing the bay, the surf and off shore.

Best of luck!

No Hackle
05-15-2008, 01:52 PM
I'll be in panama city and be fishing with bluebay outfitters may 19th. maybe i can offer some help after i get back. I have talked to my guide Rob he said the kwan fly size 2 in differant colors have been causing those reds to fetch. tan seems to be the color to fish first. He also said there has been alot of redfish tournaments going on and the fish are hard to approach. You really need to cast a 40ft. line with accuracy in the wind. thats all I have right now I'll post when I get back.

05-19-2008, 04:22 PM
I fished with Rob before. He is a great guide. Have fun, I can't wait to hear how it went out there today!

No Hackle
05-29-2008, 02:31 PM
got back monday from pcb the fishing was ok not great . rob did get me on some fish reds are very spooky I led fish by 15 feet and all they did was turn and head the opposite way. I used spinning tackle most all the time. Able to really only fly cast for about 45 minutes in the morning. Wind was blowing @ 20 knots (sorry spelling). Even when I would throw a fluke it would sometimes blow it off by as much 10-15 feet. Now dont get wrong sometimes I just blew it. It was difficult but I saw alot of things that many people dont get to see. It was a true blessing and agreat experience and I`m going to doit again. Rob was very good. Biggest fish was a 29'' Red. We fished the West Bay Most of the time. I would Highly recommend Bluebay Outfitters and Capt. Rob.

06-03-2008, 03:25 PM
I havn't posted on this board in well over a year and that time was just an introduction. I live in Fort Walton Beach and have been fly fishing the surrounding area for years now. You are probably coming down here on a family vacation and are trying to squeeze in some fishing while the wife and kids go shopping or playing on the beach. Right? Trout Assassin recomended the jetties at the East Pass. While you can catch fish there they can be hazardous to your health. It is easy to break a leg by slipping on those rocks. I would follow the advice of the posters who recomended Grayton Beach State Park or Henderson Beach State Park or, my favorite, Topsail Beach Park. Now all of these are gated State Parks and you have to pay to get in but worse yet they probably don't open until 8 AM. If you want to fish the surf early and not pay anything go east of Destin to State Road 30A. There is a traffic light there. It is a few miles east of Sandestin. Follow 30A past the entrance to Topsail. Just as the road turns east and starts to follow the beach look for a parking area on your right. It has a sign saying Fort Panic. You have to fish early because the sun worshipers will show up around 8.

06-07-2008, 03:33 PM
I don't know if anyone paid attention to my last post since nobody followed mine. I'll continue to add two more cents worth on fishing this area without a boat or guide. It dawned on me that you are coming here in July and that can be a problem for surf fishing. Right now an algea is starting to bloom. We call it June Grass because it starts showing up in the month of June. Pretty clever name isn't it? It is not pretty. It is a green slimy stuff that covers a fly in about two strips of your line. It can be spotty so sometimes you can find a clear area to fish. Another thing to keep in mind is the wind. It usually drops at night and in fact may blow out of the north gently until about 9 or 10 in the morning. Then it will shift to come out of the south all day. It has been blowing 10 to 20 knots every day now for well over a week. That is the normal summer weather pattern. A better strategy is to fish in the bay or Santa Rosa Sound. Now fishing in the bay in Destin is out of the question since it is so ****ed developed. If you are willing to travel a little a place that can be very good is on the Santa Rosa Island at Navarre Beach. They just patially re-opend the beach road that goes from Navarre Beach to Pensacola Beach. The road is only opened to Opal Park on the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park. Wade fishing from Opal Park and westward can be very rewarding sometimes. There are grass beds and white holes and sand bars. Walk the bars in the Sound and fish the deeper adjacent water. Clousers in chartruse and white as well as maroon and dark yellow are a good choice. There is more to tell but I am spilling the beans as it is. Let me know if you would like more info.

06-16-2008, 09:32 AM
Thanks Panhandle! I am going down in the middle of July. How will the June grass be then? I've been down there later in the summer and the surf fishing was fantastic and I have been there other times when fishing is slower b/c of high surf or seaweed.

I agree about Rob at Blue Bay. I've fished with him 5 or 6 times and he works his tail off for the fisherman.

Looking forward to being down there in a month!

06-17-2008, 02:10 PM
I was down to the beach on Saturday and the June Grass is tolerable. Regretably it will most likely increase unless we get a tropical storm or worse to deposit it on the beach. All of you talking about Capt Rob are undoubtedly talking about Rob Cochran. We have been friends for a quite few years I am glad that he has acquired such a good reputation. He has paid his dues. I thought of another place for you to go fishing in Choctawhatchee Bay. Go north on the mid bay bridge. Within a couple of hundred yards north of the tool booths you'll see a brown and white sign directing you to take a left for "Maxwell Gunter Recreation Area". Turn in there and drive down to the bay. Don't try to get into the recreation area unless you have a military I D card. There is a gate there so you won't enter by mistake. You are supposed to have a recreation permit from Eglin Air Force Base to fish in this area. The only time that you would probably get checked is if you go on the weekend and later in the day. You are going to have to go early in the morning to expect any sucess in the bay. Shallow water fishing switches off quite dramatically around 8 AM. If you are afraid of getting pinched for fishing without a permit you can go get one at Jackson Guard in Niceville. It cost $6 or $7 and it is good for a year. It is just a hassle for someone coming here for a short vacation to bother to go get one. One last spot for fishing is by the Coast Guard Station. Go east on 98. Just as you cross over the Destin Bridge pull over to the right hand side. There is a small area to park and a rather small area to fish. That small area between the bridge and the Coast Guard Station can provide some good fishing if the grass isn't in there. Good luck!

06-17-2008, 04:16 PM
Thanks for the advice. I've also heard the Grayton Beach state park is a good area where the lake sometimes flows into the gulf. Sounds like a fun place.

We are talking about Rob Cochran and he is tremendous. Matter of fact, I am going to call him and book my trip. He's put me on Cobia, Reds, Blues, Speckleds, Spanish, you name it. It's a blast. Glad to hear he is a buddy. I really like him and he is great with kids too. I highly suggest him for a guide in the Destin area.

Thanks Panhandle for the update. Hopefully the grass won't be so bad but it doesn't sounds like there is much hope!