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05-06-2008, 09:06 AM
Can anyone offer up any advise/experience on fishing these waters? It will be river and stillwater fishing for brook trout and salmon. I am heading up towards the end of June. Never been there before and I have never stillwater fished for trout before. Would dry and nypmh fishing be okay on the stillwater or should I just stick with streamers?

Thanks in advance for any input.

05-06-2008, 12:27 PM
I don't have any direct experience fishing in Maine, but have been up there about a dozen times and always wished I could get the time to do some fishing. I have looked at several of the following sites but never get to go since its always been a family trip, I get "but you're always fishing when we're home, while we're here, we're doing things as a family", so I never get to go. Some day.........

Weekly Reports (Region D)

Some Good Maine Flyfishing Sites

There are lots of fishing opportunities up in the area you are headed to, and many others close by. You should be able to fish with dries, nymphs, wets or streamers. However, there is something you need to keep in mind. Depending on the weather, Black Fly season lasts until the end of June up there and it can be quite nasty.

Rangeley even has a Black Fly Festival the last weekend in June to celebrate the ending of the season (I couldn't make this up if I tried...), so be aware. There are many precautions you can take...

Have fun!

05-07-2008, 10:22 PM
Thanks. Didn't even think about the black fly season. Guess I'll pack the deet. Let you know how it turns out.

07-07-2008, 12:13 PM

If you ever get the chace take the time to fish. The fishing was real good despite the high water. We ended up fishing most of the time on the lakes but also a little on the river. One particlarly productive stretch we, brother and nephew and I landed over 50 brookies in about 4 hours on one of the lakes. Both dries and streamers worked well. We all landed at least one of 15 inches while my brother landed an 18 inch brookie.

My nephew and brother both landed a nice salmon, both in the 18-20 inch range.

Funniest catch though came one evening. I was casting to rises and got a hook up. Never saw the fish but from the play in it I figured it was about 7-8". All of a sudden my rod doubles over and it start make runs from bow to stern of the boat. After a couple passes I saw a flash and said it was a big one. My nephew reels in quick to get the net ready. A couple passes later we see more of a shadow and again we think it is a big one. Mind you the entire time everything is underwater. Another pass and I finally see it. It is a loon. We are like crap what do we do. Don't want to cut the line because that would chance it getting tangled up and dying. Then the talk of wrestling it in the boat and throwing a blaket over it comes up. Mind you it still has not surfaced. Next pass through I see it has my fish perpindicular in its mouth and it is not letting go. Finally I get the fish from the loon and start reeling only to have it sieze it again. Finally I get it away again and jek the fish out of the water and into the boat. The loon surfaces no more than 4 feet from me and hisses like it is ticked off. I get the fish off and toss it to the loon figuring the fish had no way of surviving and the loon proceeds to gobble it up without reservation.

Anyways it is almost like the land time forgot. We never heard or saw a plane there. No traffic. Just loon calls while we cast. It was pretty sweet.

Flat Fly n
07-07-2008, 11:16 PM
Did you get near Grant's Camp on the Kennebago? How many moose did you see? I know that Rt. 16 area well, and many ponds just great for float tubes. The area around Errol NH, and then Wentworth Location, ME including the Megalloway River/ Parmachenee lake, Rump Pond, Corsa Pond, and Fish Pond are my favorites.

Great fishing.

Get the book "tall trees, tough men" for a history of the logging industry in that area. Incredible

07-08-2008, 07:17 AM
Actually Grants is where we stayed. I thought it was a great deal. Best part in terms of the accomodations was the 24 hours access to the kitchen. We didn't worry about making the prescribed meal times because we knew we would be able to get in the kitchen for something. We saw one moose near Errol NH. Lots of tracks and scat for moose at the camp but never saw one there. But the loons more than made up for it. Just thought it was cool to be casting at sundown with loon calls in the background.

Drys and streamers were both effective. They had a great deal of snow melt this year and a lot of rain this spring/summer. The locals said global warming has been good to them. Usually the fish head deep this time of year but with the extended melt and additional rain they think the summer is going to be productive on top as well. I pretty well stuck with dries. The streamer thing is hard for me to grasp, maybe more I don't care for it. The river would have been great for traditional stream fishing but it was so high we didn't mess with it much, but word was that streamers were productive as well if you wanted to try it.

It occured to me on the driver though NY, VT, and NH the volume of choices and opportunity to fish so many places and styles you could spend a good part of your life trying to learn em all. Funny when I was growing up in it I never appreciated it. Now living in the flatlands, I would love to be back in it.

07-09-2008, 12:37 PM
I had a similar experience last September while fishing from a float tube on a lake in the Moose Pass, Alaska area. The loons would follow the trout to within 3 or 4 feet of the float tube. Never had one actually lock onto a fish. Kinda scary though seeing that big bird swimming under water and coming fast directly toward you.