View Full Version : dog fork in the red river gorge

05-06-2008, 10:25 AM
sunday I drove to the Gorge to find and fish dog fork,a small stream rated by the state as a class 1 trout stream---their highest rating---based on water quality--fishing---but most of all because it is home to wild brook trout--"wild brook trout" ahhh--the words are enough to stir any flyfisherman off the couch and on the road with thoughts of crystal clear,cold waters flowing over ancient rocks-and that stream sound so purposeful and right--about as good as it gets----........
the parking lot that provided the parking for folks staying at the swift creek campground was littered badly--dog fork is a tributary of swift creek--swift creek's banks were full of litter there were old tires in the creek--very depressing---dog creek was about 15 feet across--had a few pools---saw many beer cans--cellophane wrappers-cig butts---must have forgot i was in the middle of Appalachia--the home of the moronic mentality that thinks mama nature can be abused because she does not scream out at you to stop---what I expected was not there--I may as well have been on Mars---saw no brook trout--didn't much care after a while---went home--that is my story about Dog Fork,a small stream in the Red River Gorge,in Wolfe County Ky---

05-06-2008, 12:55 PM
Sorry to hear you found the creek such a mess. Some of my best summer memories are from up there at the state park, this would have been around 1970. Back then my father and I would just fish the lake and catch little of anything. More toads, turtles and salamanders than anything mostly around the cabin. Quite an adventure hiking upto Natural Bridge for an 8 year old. I have not seen a toad all spring for that matter, they really do seem to be getting scarce. Wonder what they were smoking when they wrote that stream description, wonder how far you would have had to hike or bushwhack to find a trout............ all the way to Virginia?