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05-09-2008, 11:45 AM
ROG1 wrote a word or two about the lower gorge section of roaring fork--just driving by,looking over the edge of the road, into the void that leads to the gorge,that place looks merciless.Is the fishing good in this section of the creek?I have fished the creek farther upstream,where things are a bit more domestic.It seems the descent of the creek through that place is steep,with a canopy that looks to make dusk like visability and mama nature a/c--

Rog 1
05-09-2008, 02:48 PM
Lauxier...I think the average tourist looking off the road into this section would indeed be intimidated....this is one of those sections where it is best to be on the buddy system....as you would imagine it is a series of plunge pools and for the most part not all that difficult to navigate....I will tell you that there are two places where you cannot navigate the stream bed...a series of huge boulders....in each of these areas you will have to climb around and up the road side of the gorge....this is a very pretty stretch of water for being so close to the "burg".....late summer and early fall can be some good dry fly fishing....once met up with a "local" who says the only way to fish that stretch is to throw a "yallerhammer" in the plunge and hold on...I have fished the Fork from bottom to top and this is really the only section I will fish anymore....hope this helps.

05-09-2008, 03:14 PM
Some imposing boulders to be sure. Easier access towards the end. Bring a buddy in case you twist an ankle.

I also recall one spring day when I was standing at the side of the Fork changing my rig and looking down and noticing that literally under my foot was a coiled up copperhead. I kind of froze up not knowing what to do. Scared that if I lifted my boot up the darn thing might strike. I finally just decided to jump. Turned out the little guy was too cold to even move.