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Flat Fly n
05-13-2008, 09:52 PM
My son and I have sold the kayaks and looking to put some boat money in on a couple of pontoon boats. We thought about getting another used drift boat, but these boats just sound alot simpler and stealthier, especially in low water conditions on the Clich or Holston. The drift boat is nicer but I would need to add another couple of owners or pump more money into it, so pontoons it is.

What kind does everyone have? Anybody got a Creek company? I need one with a larger landing zone for my petite 6'6" 300# frame.

Has anyone run the river with one generator on? What side of Cold Water shoals do you go down with the generators on?


05-14-2008, 09:31 AM
Hey man looks like your faced with the delema I was looking at recently! I looked everywhere trying to find a good three man toon! The only one I found that I really had any interest in was a Scadden! North Fork Outfitters I believe is the actual name on the boat with Dave Scadden's stamp of approval! There a really really nice toon from what I'm hearing! I'm still scratching my head on the bladderless technology and can't offer any sound advice on it seeing as I don't own one. However there single man toon is apparently extremely popular out west!

Any who they offer up 1, 2, and 3 man models! They sure are a beut to look at! Pricing is also pretty exceptional! The actual price listing on their website doens't reflect there actual sales price, on some models it's substantially less! I think they have some sales pitch going on thier two man models right now!


05-14-2008, 09:37 AM
Drag_Line has a super nice Blue Heron with upgraded 11' toons. He's got it all pimped out with a cool anchor system and a few other goodies. I'm sure he would be happy to show it to you being that you took him to some "super secret fishing hole" that he has been ranting about non-stop for the past week. :biggrin:

Edit: I've been jones'ing for a BSI Water Master for the past year. No frame to set up or lug around, handles class 4+ water, tons of storage space, easily maneuverable, backpack packable @ 20lbs and easy to fish out of. Here is a video :


Flat Fly n
05-14-2008, 03:20 PM
U of M,
Thanks. Next time your in town maybe we can get Dragline to share the mask with you and we will go. Thanks for the email. I really do miss floating that river, I just have to get something for us "full figured guys". My son is looking at the low end Fish Cat. I was looking at the Creek Company, but would love to get imput from others on ease of setup, tracking, and stability.