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05-18-2008, 12:01 AM
Has anyone else run into any problems with the zipper pulls on their chest pack or vest? I have a Fishpond and I am unable to hold my line, more specifically my leader or tippet, anywhere near the vest without having difficulty. The zipper pulls are the type that have an easy to find and pull cord that is fitted into the metal zipper pull which is in turn, open on one end. The opening acts like a magnet for my tippet and in the space of fishing for just a couple of hours, my line became caught in one of the pulls each time I changed flys or frequently as I held the fly near to dress it with flotant.

I am attempting a homemade fix by using some Loon Knot Sense to fill in the opening, but am not sure how durable and thus effective this will be. I have also emailed Fishpond about this to see what they suggest? Anyone else have any similar issues or proven fixes?


05-23-2008, 05:46 PM
Have had the same thing happen to me too. It happened with another brand of vest and also with my Fishpond. I think the Fishpond is worse because the pockets seem to stick out more in front than the other vests I own.

If you find a fix or if they give any helpful hints please let us all know.

I, so far, have just assumed it wassomething that happens and was more of a minor annoyance than anything else.

Yes, it has happened enough that I "notice" and have been minorly annoyed.


05-23-2008, 09:48 PM
Thus far the Loon Knot Sense seems to be working. In case you aren't familiar with it, the Knot Sense is a product that relies on UV light to cure or harden. I simply applied some of it to the gap on each zipper pull and cured it with a UV flashlight. So far so good, the only question for me being the durability of the fix.

One other thing I noticed as I was applying the product is that some of the pulls had wider gaps than others. The vest is relatively new so it is unlikely to be stress from opening. In fact I have only worn the vest a handful of times if that. My best guess is that the variation in the size of the gaps is a quality control issue. I have written Fishpond and received two responses, one that said they had never heard of this issue before my email, the other saying they were aware, but had no suggestions or solutions at present. I have to admit that the responses are a bit disappointing to me because I like the general designs and even the quality of their other products, but for the money they charge, these vests should not have this kind of problem IMHO.


05-28-2008, 08:12 AM
The companies do that to keep us entertained, it helps the newbie forget bout they're terrible casting, it helps the more advanced keep their mind off the fish not biting by giving us something else to do:biggrin:
Stop & think about it, rather ingenious to say the least:eek: i have the Waterdance, wear it "man purse" style slung behind me, no problems.
I wonder if shrink tubing would work:confused: