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06-03-2008, 02:12 PM
Just wondering if anyone can recommend an area to wade out into to do some flyfishing? Will definitely wade, not able to afford a charter. Never been to Gulf Shores before so I am not familiar with that area at all. I plan on surf fishing with the surf rod but may be able to break free for a few hours to do some fly fishing as well.

Thanks in advance.

06-08-2008, 10:28 PM
Hoosier Iíll be more than glade to help you out I live here and tromp the beaches each day. If you was to give me the name of the place you are staying it would help with directions Such as north of the Canal, West beach, or Orange beach. But Iíll take a swing at it. Iíll assume you will be coming into Gulf Shores by highway 59. If so it will dead-end on what we call beach highway. If so take a right travel about two or so miles and you will come to a channel that travels under the road. Parking is on the right just before it.
Walk under the bridge and follow the channel out to the surf Here you will catch ground mullet whitings a pomp or two Spanish blue fish and so one, anywhere along the beach in back of the wall of condos is great surf fishing A important note to you and your family pay strict attention to the flags and watch for rip currents along the beach we loose many tourist each year do to them
Now for some good old night fishing (best Time) make a left back at 59 and travel east about 11 mile through Orange Beach you will come to a large bridge crossing over the pass Us locals call this the Alabama pass parking on both side but stay on the west side you can back right up to the railing along the wall and it is lighted. Here you will need two pole one baited with cut bait the other with shrimp or squid. Note to yourself donít leave poles unattended or left with a smaller child the fish can get big and upwards of a half hour or so fight is not uncommon. Donít bring small freshwater poles!!!
I do my flyfish up on the Causeway (brackish water) Bream, Bass, Specks, Reds, are just a few of the fish you will encounter. A word of Caution here also keep a keen eye out for our Alabama porch puppies (gator) and water moccasin (spelling?)
If I can help any further please feel free to email reef_diver@hotmail.com (reef_diver@hotmail.com)
Tom Wicker

06-13-2008, 04:05 PM
Thanks Tom. Just got back. I ended up just fishing the surf one morning and landed 2 blues. Had a 3rd that I got to my legs and he cut the line. Of course that was the biggest one. Only really got out that one morning. I ended up staying down at Gulf Shores Plantation toward Fort Morgan. Things were a bit hectic with the three kids, then having to handle the logistics of having to put my dog down back at home, so I didn't fish as much as I would have liked. I would have loved to waded out into the bay with my fly rod but like I said, didn't work out. Appreciate the advise. I will keep the info in mind. My wife has friends with a condo in Orange Beach so we may head down again soon as they have offered us a week there as well.

06-15-2008, 10:16 PM
Sounds like a great vacation! Some fishing time is better than no fishing time:biggrin:.

06-15-2008, 11:08 PM
Iím glade you had some time to fish. I'm sure Sorry to hear about your dog friend. Right across the road there at the main entrance there at the Plantation you might have observed an old boat ramp? We call that the pines it is bay side of the road, At low tide when the tide starts incoming we will grab our nets and head out to this area shhh this is a local secrete it just take a few minutes to fill a 48qt cooler with mullet and shrimp,.and of course pitching a fly or two. Night fishing bay side there is great redfish that pulls your arms off. Those blues can be a pain their noted for cutting your line but they do make good eating, I assume by now you have found out down closer to the Fort is where we catch most of our Sharks they seem to strive on that area
If I would have known you were around I would have shown you a few good spots for your next trip I hope you were made to feel welcome here and you were able to sample some of our foods were so proud of