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06-06-2008, 07:45 AM
Thursday evening I got of work and made my weekly dash to the mountains. I had to stop for gas and was running a bit behind. It was getting late so and went to one of my favorite sure bets to catch a few fish. So off to the west prong I went.

I was very interested in putting to use my #16 yellow elk hair caddis I had been working on. My fly tying has been improving and I am very happy with the several caddis I had tied. The fish seemed to be fond of my elk hair caddis as well. I caught a lot of fish, when I stop counting the fish it is an excellent day. Much to my surprise I did not go very far up the west prong there were so many eager little bows and some nice ones many in the 5 range and a couple that may have gone 6 to 7.

Filling good and satisfied and with the light fading I decided the make a run the middle prong and take advantage of the last of the remaining day. I started out at the glory hole and found the fish there not nearly as eager to hit a dry fly as they were on the west prong but it was no matter it was nice and I leisurely worked my way up the stream. As I approached a very nice pool setting up for a cast, it was so dark it was difficult to see. My eye caught something fluttering about just above the pool. Lowering my polarized glasses I could see a small bird dangling from the end of a limb by its head. I new what had happened it was tangled in fishing line. Leaving my rod on the bank I carefully waded to the bird and grasped the line with one hand and caught the frightened bird with the other. Fearing the worst for the bird, having seen this situation before, I checked it out. The poor thing had a bead head nymph in its mouth. Fortunately it was not in a bad position and I was able to remove it quickly with little harm to the bird. Opening my hand it leapt from it and flew away. I then removed the remainder of the line witch had a large and rather ugly elk hair caddis attached to the other end. The bead head now waits to be used again in my fly box the elk hair caddis was properly disposed of.

This limb was located near the bank and at a level and location above the stream so that it could easily been a fishermen or some one wading that could have been the victim. I was glad I took the time to go to the middle prong other wise it would have been a bad night for the bird.

Please do not leave such things dangling from trees if you can help it, especially in such an accessible place. It is a danger to both man and animals

06-06-2008, 09:33 AM
congrats on being a good stuard. It takes a little effort from everyone once in a while to change the day for someone or something.
I hope the BHPT catches many fish for you!