View Full Version : Middle Prong Little Pigeon Report 6/18

06-18-2008, 10:28 PM
Went and fished up greenbriar today. Only fished for about two hours because the drag locked up on my orvis battenkill. I parked at the ranger station and started fishing. I waded about a 1/2 mile from there and managed 14 rainbows before ending the trip. Yellow sallies were hatching along with some Mayflies. The fish were eager to take dries. One launched completely out of the water at my fly and I set the hook on him while he was still in the air:biggrin: . The biggest of the 14 bows was close to 10 inches. A #16 Neversink Caddis was the ticket. Despite no signifigant rain lately the flow was still pretty decent in the stream as well;)