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06-25-2008, 08:30 AM

there is some info Tina sent me yesterday about what they plan to do on Tims Ford. and how they plan to manage the Elk below it.

06-25-2008, 10:15 AM
Those interested in future of the Elk should read this.
Hope the link to the comments provided by Frank Fiss works.
If not, send email to Dr Davis for it.

Attention Elk River Fisherman: TWRA Contact Information

Thanks to all those from the Elk River area who attended the recent TU meeting in Nashville. Steve Nix gave a superb program on the Entomology of the Caney Fork River with Frank Fiss, Aquatic Conservation Coordinator of TWRA presenting steps needed to preserve the Elk River Trout Fishery.

For those of your unfamiliar with TWRA’s position on the warming of water on Elk River from Tim’s Ford Dam, I urge you to read Frank Fiss’s excellent comments and concerns below. These were expressed to TVA about the USFWS proposal for warming water on the Elk River to promote fauna and water habitat improvement for the endangered mussels and Boulder Darter species.

Click Here for Frank Fiss’s Comments in Acrobat Format to TVA

As your fish the Elk River this summer and fall, please note the current, flow and above water temperatures at various points down stream from Tim’s Ford Dam. If you notice unusual conditions or temperatures, please report them to Frank Fiss and Jason Henegar, River and Streams Coordinator at TWRA. The best way is to leave a detailed message via e-mail since they check their e-mail frequently both in and out of the office and are away from their phones. Please be very specific and detailed if you notice anything unusual.

Frank C. Fiss Frank.Fiss@state.tn.us

Jason Henegar Jason.Henegar@state.tn.us

Please cc: me with any correspondence so I will be aware of any ongoing situations or circumstances.

Dick Davis dick@cumberlandtu.org

Dick Davis, President Trout Unlimited Cumberland Chapter #181
Trout Unlimited • Cumberland Chapter • P.O. Box 331991 Nashville, TN 37203 • www.cumberlandtu.org

06-25-2008, 02:13 PM
The report is out and they see "no significant impact" to changing the water temp so that's the plan.

I was a few miles down from the **** Saturday and found dead fish. Large fish. I think this marks the end of good fishing for the better part of the fishable water. All in the name of an "endangered species" that I would be willing to bet less than a small handful of people have ever, or will ever see.