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06-28-2008, 06:17 PM
Fished the jail today. Got there a little late and saw at least a dozen fishermen up and down the river. Lost a nice brown on my third cast. Oh well. I fished the area for a while and someone else came up on my. Decided to move up river. It was slow for me and the only one catching anything was a spin fishing guy above me. I then caught one small bow and lost another one. I kept on fishing and saw no real bug activity. I figured summer is here and that means midges on the Clinch. Switched to a olive bh midge size 20 tied to the bend of a larger olive bh. Fished for a while getting some strikes but couldn't really get a good hook set. Then it happened a decent sized bow took the midge. Went on the reel and made three runs. Don't you know it, the midge came out of the fish's mouth. It just wasn't may day. That bow was at least 14". I decided it wasn't meant to be and my hunger was setting in. It was a nice day anyway and the summer heat is here for sure.