View Full Version : Nice Mill dam in Smyrna

07-04-2008, 12:56 AM
I think this is where to put it, it's borderline warmwater but can hold trout. I dunno, it's the Stones River. My dad and I went out today after putting new fly line on my reel so we could practice before we hit the Caney. There were fish jumping everywhere, and we were both getting strikes every so often but no takers. We moved spots and my first cast I brought in a pumpkinseed (from the pictures I think that's what it is, orange and blue) that was a little smaller than my hand. And we fished for about 3 hours, he caught 5 bream and 1 shad and I caught that pumpkinseed and the trophy of the day- a 1" minnow hooked through the side with a size 18 fly. The fly was just about as big as he was. I guess when I brought the line behind me to do a roll cast, it hooked him as it came out of the water. I brought my line in after that cast and saw my fly moving around in the water and thought "What the..." because I didn't see any fish, but it was this tiny little minnow.