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07-04-2008, 01:43 PM
My son and I took our annual 4th of July early morning fishing trip today. Started off the morning putting the casting practice to use on some bluegills. Got several and then moved on to some better water. Evan turns 15 next month and his casting has much improved since last year.
Here he is working the "bubble line".


The smallie fishing was slow, could be the approaching front, the low water levels, I'm not sure. He missed a few but finally hooked a dink.
"Hold it close to the camera to make it bigger, I said!"


I didn't do much better, though I did hook a big Smallie that I believe would have been a citation fish. It leaped out of the water, ran upstream by me and the hook popped free. Arrgh! At least I had a witness!

Anyways, we had a good time, caught a couple of better fish and I got another small spotted gar. They are fun to mess with!


toothy critters


Last shots are of Evan laying out some nice cast.



07-05-2008, 07:26 AM
Nice photos!

Makes me think about all the trips with my dad :biggrin:

Byron Begley
07-05-2008, 12:26 PM
Great report Gary,

Evan is growing up. He will be driving a truck soon. Thanks for the flies. I'll put them to good use next week. They look super. I appreciate everything you do for us and the Message Board.