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Flat Fly n
07-07-2008, 10:18 PM
Water in the gas tank!
That's water in the bottom, that came out of my fuel/water seperater filter. I picked up bad gas in both my truck and boat on the way down to SC/Fripp Island several weekends ago. My boat stopped in the middle of Trunchards Inlet after catching several nice spotted seatrout on flies. I barely got it started again, after thinking about where my VHF radio and flares were. I took it to a friend in Beaufort for help. We removed that filter, drained the carbs, and installed new plugs. Ran up and down the Beaufort river multiple times. I thought I had it fixed and the very next day it did it again while i was close to Fripp on the Story River. I parked the boat and played vacation/ sunburned beached whale basking in the sun for the next few days. I got back to Knoxville finally via Iowa for a week and yesterday drained the tank, changed the filter, put in various drying agents, new gas and the Flat runs like a new beast..(hopefully)

Moral of the story..keep a full tank(gas sucks in water via humidity and temp changes), add water remover/HEET/Sea Foam, and additive intermittantly to keep this from happening, avoid Ethanol, and above all luck on getting good gas while traveling(the Shell station looked OK)..

PS. The truck did'nt act up until I was climbing Saluda Mt., south of Asheville. The fuel pickup is in the back of the tank so going up hill the water settled and long story there...wife and son rode home with the AAA guy, and I waited 2 hours for a friend to come get me and my boat. BTW, the running lights failed that night and I got pulled by TN HP, but he didn't give me a ticket. I couldn't figure out the fix, so I rode home with my anchor lights on!! What a day!

Otherwise I had a great vacation!


07-08-2008, 10:08 PM
Thanks for the advice! Dont own a boat yet, lookin for good deal on ctr console/ flats bay boat. Good to know about the ETHANOL problem. i'll be avoidng that for the car.:biggrin: Good luck fishin!