View Full Version : Elkmont with Mr. Hartsell

07-14-2008, 09:40 AM
I have had a buddy of mine that lives in Alabama really wanting to get started fly fishing. He had never fly fished and wanted me to get him started. We finally worked out a date and met in Townsend on Friday night but what I hadn't told him was that Mr. Hartsell was meeting us Saturday morning.

Met up with Mr. Hartsell at 8:00 at LRO and headed off to Metcalf Bottoms. Mr. Hartsell worked with Tim to get him started on good habits and I fished a little ways back. I had several hits but no takers. We quickly headed off to Elkmont.

Went in above the campground and it was a little slow. Found out on the way out that there was 3 groups ahead of us. Did catch a few and Tim, who we will now be known as splash down, caught 2 on his first day. We have all hit the water and Tim was a great sport about it.

Have heard about some bear sightings up there. I did see a paw print by the stream but I really didn't worry about bears because I figured I faster than old splash down.:smile:

Got to meet Rusty hook on the way out and enjoyed meeting him and his fishing buddy.

What a great day. If you are think about getting a guide, give Hugh Hartsell a call. Over and above his knowledge of fishing, there is a gentleman that is such a great person to be around.

Went to LRO and hung around that afternoon and had a great time shooting the breeze with everyone there.