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07-16-2008, 09:02 AM
well we did a two day float on the caney from happey hollow to gordonsville.

the first day we floated to a Island and camped. but the areas between that island and Happey hollow was on fire. i bet i caught 25-30 fish and missed about 10-15 others. sorry to say it was not on Flyrod. i caught 4 16-17'' browns and a few rainbows that pushed 14''.

sunday night at the campsite i was fishing hopeing to hook some big nitetime browns. well it tuned out i caught 2 striper/hybrids one was 16'' and the other 20''. boy let me tell ya on 6lb test and a small rod it was a blast. i aslo caught a 16'' Walleye too. that was the first time i had caught ether of those kinds of fish.

on monday the 14th. i finished the float out with about 7-8 9-12'' hybrids. and about 8 of those skip jack things. also missed seen about 13 or soo 4-8lb striper/hybrids man i was sick after seening those monsters. i also caught about 15 more trout the biggest being a 16'' rainbow with. most ranged from 10-13'' about half and half browns and rainbows.

the other two guys that floated with me did ok the first day. they caught about 30 fish. lots of 13-15'' fish and a few nice browns about the 17'' range. on the 2nd day they caught 16 fish or so mainly rainbows with one being 18-19'' and 2 others that was about 16''. but again the most of them where the 12-14'' range.

it was a GREAT weekend for us. and i can't wait to do it again.


07-16-2008, 12:04 PM
Catchin' all those fish on the Caney sure is fun.