View Full Version : tue 7-15 report and need a liitle advice

07-16-2008, 09:50 AM
i fished all day yesterday stated at the bluffs maybe a dozen trout 2 being brookies black zebra midge gray scud and olive midge all flies sizes 18-20.... met wargammes and his dad very nice people.... moved up to happy hollow for generation till the water reached there 1 fish..... next stop about 2:30 up to the area below the new steps just a couple fish small ones..... wanted to fish down river so i walked down to almost the bluffs.... it became slow couldnt find the rt bug.... best fish of the day an 18 inch rainbow on a blk and copper zebra midge ...the rainbow was a beautiful fish nice bright colors....ended the night around 7pm....a long day on thr river with not alot of fish... so a little help as i try to learn this river... what colors should i be using and what sizes for late summer should i try larger flies or stick with the small stuf....f as im not much of a tier are there any fly shops in cookville im in crossville so the only place i know to get flies is the shop at the caney or take the drive to knoxville any help appreciated ...oh and thaxs to the guy who gave the red midges i didnt get a fish on them but thank you

07-16-2008, 10:15 AM
Fishingman, From the day you had, you should be giving out advice, not seeking it! Good report. Sounds like you have the Caney figured out. It's a topper/dropper(dry&midge) or a mopper/dropper(bugger&midge). Throw the t/d up and the m/p across&down. You can check Little River Outfitters for your flies. Sounds like you are a good fly fisherman so you might be able to tie just as well. I'll admit a parachute Adams is not an easy fly, but thread midge patterns, mohair leech, and most buggers are not that hard.If flies needed to be beautiful I would never catch a fish. Good luck. Monk