View Full Version : Clinch 7-28-08

07-28-2008, 02:34 PM
Drove to the church this AM and boy was if fogged over thick. It was almost magical looking at the water. Once you actually got in the water you couldn't cast very far because you couldn't see the fly. I didn't see a guy downstream of me, and if he reads this report I am truly sorry. I wasn't really close, but he may have been working his way up. Again I'm sorry if I got in too close.
This was my best day so far on the clinch (only fished 4 times). I caught a nice 9-10" brown on one of Gerry Romer's neversink caddis. I landed an almost identical brown on one of his red jelly nymphs. The second fish screwed up my dropper line, and I had to get a new nymph. Tied on one of my zebra midge patterns and foul hooked another smaller brown that missed my dry fly, but when I set the hook I snagged him in the belly. A few casts later I landed the only rainbow of this trip. The fog was almost gone from the water and I made a good cast around a tree stump and pulled out another 10" brown that jumped a dozen times and rushed towards me while doing so. After I landed him I noticed that he tangled my leader so bad that I had to cut it off at the loop.
At that point I needed to get going and actually do some work. Started walking back to the bank and spooked a bunch of nice rainbows.
Great day to be on the water, and I'm glad I got off when I did since the heat was already picking up by 10 am.