View Full Version : Willow fly hatch... missed it again

07-31-2008, 04:35 PM
Fished Watts Bar last weekend in the 10 mile area hoping to get into a good willow fly hatch. We missed it but still caught a lot of small gills and a couple of small bass. Fishing from kayaks and canoes was tough with the constant wind and boat waves. Bill Boyd jr. caught a gill that was immediately eaten by a large 18-20" smallie. He kept it on for several minutes before it spat the chewed up bluegill out.
Waterwolf, I think I know who you are now, looking back at the website. We used to talk about the hatch and I remember bringing in a cup to the shop with some in it asking what they were. You knew right away where they came from and was excited to tell the others that the willow flies were in! For some reason I thought you had moved out west after college. I changed jobs a few years ago and seldom make it into K-town anymore although I made a trip a couple of weeks before Scott closed. Are you guiding full time now?
What flies are the best for fishing the hatch? i was mainly using beetles and black stealth bombers, but the gills took small white poppers pretty good.