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caught 108
08-03-2008, 05:35 PM
I went to Lynn Camp this morning.My 14 yr.old nephew his friend and 2 of my sons 8 yr.old 4 yr.old.The friend wanst going to fish and my boys were throwing rocks before they got across the bridge.We went about 20 min.above the waterfall the rain we got had the creek looking great I had a Good feeling about our chances.The friend and my sons stayed right behind us playing around.I pointed and helped my nephew he caught 6 bows 5"-6" he released and 5 bows 7"-8" he kept he missed alot.He has been several times and is pretty good.I started fishing and caught 14 bows 4 were 7"-8" 10 were 5"-6" that I released and 5 bows 9"-10" that I kept I missed only 5 or 6 but one of them would have been close to 12" I guess the good water level had the little bigger ones stirring.It was Great fishing I loved it and truly hate to see the park kill all those good rainbows.But maybe Ill get to go back before they do. Sincerly Caught 108