View Full Version : Hazel Creek in the Fall- A Zoo?

08-05-2008, 02:20 PM
Hey guys -

I have a group of folks over on my bulletin board who are looking for a nice place to meet up. We have folks from all over the country. I live in Atlanta and used to live in Knoxville, so probably the majority of the folks will be coming from North Georgia and East Tennessee.

We have been kicking around the idea of taking the shuttle over Fontana to Hazel Creek in mid-October. However, I know there are some concerns. First, how high has the shuttle fee gone now? I think Byron said it was $60 a person, which is so high we might just rent a boat!

Second, I've heard Hazel Creek can get very, very crowded in October. We don't mind company at all since we'll be bringing so much of our own, but I don't want to take all the guys into a zoo. Has anyone here been back in Hazel in the last couple years in October? I'm looking for personal experiences on whether we might want to pick another part of the park.


08-05-2008, 02:55 PM
FYI...Ian and Charity are hosting a group camp on Hazel Oct. 16-19. You might want to check with some of the other outfitters/fly shops also. I would hate to show up with a large group and find it already overun.

08-05-2008, 03:24 PM
Troutman -

I saw that, but fortunately our dates are still flexible.