View Full Version : caney 8-6

08-06-2008, 06:38 PM
fished happy hollow all day from about 8:30-4:30...river was high and stayed up at higher than normal flow for just 1 generation ...someone on the river said it was because of the new realese they put in ...slow near the ramp couldn't buy a hit ...moved up river to where i was sunday ...finally several fish on brown #16 midge till one hit it like a frieght train and that was the end of my only brown midge...swiched to black and it proved productive...started back towards the ramp and black became suddenly unproductive...next was red caught several moe fish till it was whacked from my indicator...finished just below the ramp area by the log on the far side of the river where i picked up 2 on my adams indicator...never caught a rainbow today.... i was going to bring a couple home for a friend guess they knew i brought the stringer along lol lol....all browns and brooks.... the brooks are always a nice treat..most fish today were smaller than i usally catch on this part of the river....tackle for the day #16-#18 midges black, brown,white with flash and a red one.... fished 2ft below adams indicator on 5x tippet tight lines to all