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caught 108
08-07-2008, 09:45 PM
Finally my 8yr.old has decided he wants to try a fly rod.His 12yr.old brother started about that age and was getting where he could catch a few with a little help.But he hasnt been in 2yrs.when I ask him if he wants to go he says no thanks sorry dad.{So Im hoping he will start back} But the 8yr.old wants to try so I will show him every thing I know try to get him hooked up with some fish and hope he stays with it long enough to learn.If not Ive got one more chance for a fishing Buddy in a few years the 4yr.old.Any Tips and Luck would be greatly Appreciated. Sincerly caught 108

08-07-2008, 10:09 PM
Looks like your gonna have some hard core fly fisherman;) . I was about 10 years old when i first picked up a fly rod and I havent put it down since:biggrin: .

08-07-2008, 10:23 PM
My 6 year old caught his first 'bow on the West Prong on the Little Pigeon this summer and I was a proud dada to be sure...course he had a little asist on the hookset, but he has a heck of a side arm cast... though I'm no expert or a teacher, I guess it could be said to just get out there and have fun in spending time with your son the main focus of your outing and if he learns something with the fly rod in the process - thats an added bonus... my son has the attention span of his age, but he wanted "to fish with his dada where the bears are" after we spend much of our time learning how to fish conventional tackle in the childrens streams in G-burg. Moving on the the fly rod only until he asked...I brought only one rod (I had no intention of fishing my self )and we stuck to a dry fly to keep it simple and visual. We would go from pool to pool, I'd kind of show him where fish hang out and then I'd let him have at it with some pointers here and there while answering all the why questions like why aren't there any fish as big as him him in there and do caddis bite and so on...btw, if you kids are anything like mine they like to eat, bring snacks - we brought a cooler for a streamside lunch and it was the calmest I've ever seen him sitting there mesmerized streamside while munching on his sandwhich watching the water go by...

08-07-2008, 11:00 PM
My girls seem to have taken to it...the twins need a little assistance with the casting, but they handle things pretty well. My oldest has really become an addict - I have a hard time getting her off the stream.

Since we have to go so far to fish for trout, and they just want to spend time with me, they enjoy it, although they like fishing down here, too. All you can do is introduce them to it, and help them along the way - some will love it, and others would rather play xbox.

08-07-2008, 11:25 PM
Caudht 108,
I fianlly got Fly Girl Betty Jo to use a fly rod. She really liked it. So I'm in the hunt for a 6 ft. fly rod and some childern wading boots. I hope that she will stick with it. She enjoys going after the stock fish at Gatlinburg with her spinning rod. She is tying flies now. Her goal is to catch a trout on one of her flies. I plan on taking her in a couple of weeks so she can do some fly fishing. I think that your son will be a very good fisherman if he stays with the sport. Besides he has got a good teacher to show him the ropes.

May God Bless You...


Travis W
08-08-2008, 09:38 AM
If you have access to a farm pond, you can't beat fishing for panfish when it comes to keeping the kids excited. Poppers, spiders, standard dries and nymphs, and anything with foam can be used with great success. As an added benefit, you don't have to have perfect presentation. They can splash down on every cast and still catch fish.

caught 108
08-08-2008, 10:36 PM
Thanks Everyone for the good info.and nice comments.My Boys have always been interested and we always have a Great time.I know that as long as they are interested in fishing there is hope.My Dad put his time in with me and Im so thankful that he did.I will try my very best to do the same with each of my boys.Thanks again Good Luck to all and your kids to.Fly Man Bill tell Fly Girl Betty Jo I hope she catches a Whopper Dandy on one of her own flys.She will do well she also has a Good Teacher.Sincerly caught 108