View Full Version : Lynn Camp -- anybody find a tippet holder??

Gerry Romer
08-12-2008, 01:00 AM
Got back up on that horse again and fished the gorge below the cascades on Sunday. I don't know what I was thinking!

If you recall from our last installment, I left one of my Korkers felt soles somewhere up in the rocks on Lynn Camp Prong... So I took my back up pair of studded felt soles up there Sunday and went ice skating in the park :biggrin:. Those studs are great in didymo but lousy in moss. Consequently, I took a number of spills - most of which were only about knee deep.

Right after I made the turn at the cascades and headed back downstream, I noticed that my tippet holder was missing from my fanny pack. I retraced my steps a bit hoping to find it without any luck. So if anybody was fishing behind me and came across it, I'd sure appreciate having it back.

I got it at (insert big box store name here) a few months ago and I was just getting used to it. It's a fold over type tippet holder that holds about three spools of tippet. The front cover/closure has a foam fly patch and a built-in nipper on a zinger. I wanna say it's an SA product but I'm not sure. The holder itself isn't worth all that much, but the foam fly patch had a prize green weenie drying out on it and the spool holder had 3 spools of Seaguar on it -- 5x, 6x, and 7x (and the 6x was a brand new spool). Anybody who's used Seaguar knows it's worth its weight in gold.

I fished back up the gorge on Lynn Camp this afternoon and re-traced my steps. Didn't find anything but fish! Lots of fat and sassy rainbows... I think that's become my new favorite spot. Lots of both nice open water and plunge pools...