View Full Version : Clinch River 8/16/08 report

08-18-2008, 11:21 AM
I took a trip to the Clinch River this weekend and tried something new; instead of starting at the Church where I normally do I decided to start just below the dam. I fished it for the first two hours of day light before I had enough and moved. There where fish rising occasionally but I couldn’t get them to bite anything. After being skunked below the dam I headed for my comfort zone and fished the Church. The fish were rising every where! Before three I ended up catching somewhere in the upper twenties. Most of them were rainbows but browns came in a close second. The browns seemed to be in groups most being it the 10in range. The fish where really keyed in on midges and could be caught on a dry as well as a midge. Just remember to keep it small with the dry. I got a lot of hits on a size 16 Adams in olive color with all but one short striking. I then switched over to the same fly in size 18 and “BOOM” the hook up ratio skyrocketed! Sorry about the boom, I’m just really excited about football session finally getting here.:biggrin: I ended up catching 4 rainbows that where in the release slot limit everything else was around the 10in range or so. One other strange thing is that I only caught one brookie. It was an 11 incher but I normally catch more along this stretch.

08-18-2008, 12:18 PM
Thanks for the report, sounds like things are still going strong over there. I wish TVA would back off the generation schedule on Fridays so I could get out there.