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08-19-2008, 06:27 PM
Planned to fish above the Chimneys Saturday, a stretch I've never tried. I stopped by LRO for a new 5wt line, even though I fished the 3wt today (I was in the neighborhood) and a T-shirt. I arrived about two miles above the trailhead around 11:30, after making several passes trying to spot some good water. Got out of the truck and made my way down, felt like someone turned the air conditioner on. I was lookin for brookies. I ditched the Dry/Dropper idea in favor of a #16 Yellow Adams, when I saw how low the water was. Began catching fish immediately (immediately after I put on my invisible cloak that is. REALLY wary fish.) I was surprised that the first guy, and the following 5, were rainbows. I've caught a bigger percentage of brookies 900 ft. lower in elevation, and in warmer temperatures. Anyhow, finally got a brook, who was small, but man it's fun when those tiny things attack a dry like they're a shark. I finished the day with 6 or 7 Rainbows, and one more Brookie. All came on the Adams and a black ant. The Rainbows were, by the way, very fat and healthy looking. In summary, I went fishing and had fun. I did not see any bears.

Brook Trizzle:

Fat Fatty:

08-19-2008, 07:16 PM
I wish they would get rid of the rainbows all together. Just too prolific. Nice run BTW.

08-19-2008, 09:01 PM
Nice report; still my favorite stream. :smile:

08-19-2008, 09:59 PM
Brook Trizzle

Fat Fatty

Were you fishing with Snoop Dogg?

08-20-2008, 10:09 AM
Wow, that rainbow looks like he's been eating well.

Nice fish.

08-20-2008, 10:33 AM
Nice fish!

08-20-2008, 12:20 PM
Great report, and the pics aswell. Never fished there but will very soon.

fly fisherman DK
08-20-2008, 10:44 PM
I agree with you Blue Raider Fan!

Fly Fisherman DK

08-21-2008, 09:27 AM
Great snizzle, my nizzle.