View Full Version : Clinch Report Saturday Aug 23, 2008

08-23-2008, 06:34 PM
Did the Clinch this morning again and it will be my last trip for awhile. Other duties to take care of. Anyway, got rigged up in the dark at Massengill Area. Spoke briefly with another gentleman. Don't know who since we spoke in darkness. Spooky, LOL. I was trying to tie a blood knot with my inside cabin light from my truck as my only visual aid. I got on the river when it was somewhat still dark. Two other gentlemen came out at the same time. They hung around for a few minutes and then they headed upstream. I was catching fish immediately but no real size to them. I had a BH Prince with a black midge on. Lost a little better fish and then I managed to catch a 13" Bow. My best for today. I decided to quit quite early to head down to the jail in Clinton. I probably should have stayed at Massengill. I only fished for two hours at the jail and managed to pick up two small bows as I saw some risers. I got those on a Olive Klnkhammer Dry 16. There was a small BWO hatch appearing but at that time I was already on my move back home. Water temp was 50 in the morning. My total count was 9 Bow's I think.

08-23-2008, 06:51 PM
Thanks for the report. I stopped at Millers Island yesterday while the water was flowing strong. I swung a streamer a few times with only 2 strikes. Then nothing else.
There was a nice guy there that was throwing a dog toy to his Labrador. The dog almost got swept down stream. It was drifting towards the island and was swimming for over 5 minutes in that cold water. He finally managed to get her on land and instead of her being tired, she was more energetic than before... Go figure

08-23-2008, 07:18 PM

I have caught some fish right above the weir when they are generating. There is some slack water there but usually stationary bait fishermen occupy that stretch. Anyway, it is extremely dangerous to go anywhere near that river when they are generating. You know all that already, I just want that as a disclaimer in case someone reads this and think you can wade out in that stuff. I can't believe that dog. It really could have drowned in that kind of current.

Anyway, good luck with your fishing and I feel the river fishes pretty good this year in all locations.