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08-27-2008, 03:11 PM
I may be going to Butte, MT on business in October and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for where to fish around Butte. I am familiar with places around Bozeman and Missoula, but not Butte.

08-27-2008, 04:45 PM
I may be going to Butte, MT

Check out The StoneFly Shop. They have a website with a fairly updated fishing report with nearbuy rivers listed. I'm sure they'd be happy to talk to you on the phone about fishing too. Their selection is suprising for being in Butte. Nice little shop.

Just so you know, native Montanans refer to Butte as "The Armpit of Montana." You will understand when you get there.

08-27-2008, 05:23 PM
Thanks for the input. I expected you to provide some input out of everyone else on the fourm.

I have found some articles on the web about Clarks Fork outside of Butte. Thankfully it appears that the clean-up efforts have worked even though the landscape looks a little like someplace in ****.

08-27-2008, 06:00 PM
Dang it! If I get on here and have to read one more thread about someone going to Wyoming, Montana or Alaska, I'm gonna pull my hair out! :biggrin: Man, some of you guys are Sooooooooo lucky! One of these days, I'm going to fish out west or in Alaska. Make sure you post some pictures!:biggrin:

08-27-2008, 06:21 PM
The landscape looks a little like someplace in ****.

A huge understatement.

It makes me sick to drive past that mine. I can't believe we, as humans, would allow a company to deface the earth like they have done in Butte. Not to mention the harm they did to the environment.

08-27-2008, 07:31 PM
Unfortunately most of the destruction to our natural resources is all dollar driven.

08-27-2008, 10:43 PM
I don't mean to be discouraging. It's very interesting place to visit. There is a ton of history in Butte. Its just overshadowed by that eyesore pit mine. There are some GREAT bars in Butte that will serve many of the fantastic Montana craft brew beers. The "Our Lady of the Rockies" statue is pretty neat to visit. And the surrounding mountains are beautiful.

You will be about an hour in any direction from some of the best trout water in the world. An hour and a half to Missoula, hour to Bozeman or an hour and fifteen minutes to Craig Montana and my favorite river, the Missouri.

We fished the MO' early this spring and didn't catch a fish under 17". Since then all fishing reports I have seen for the Missouri have said that the fishing is CRAZY GOOD due to the river flush they did earlier (while we were there). I can recommend a guide if you are interested.

08-29-2008, 01:58 PM
Well now for the bad news.

Just got the word that I won't be going on the business trip and won't get the opportunity to fish in Montana. Bummer

08-29-2008, 05:39 PM
Well now for the bad news.

Just got the word that I won't be going on the business trip and won't get the opportunity to fish in Montana. Bummer

Man, that stinks...Sorry brother. Maybe next time.:frown:

Butte Irish
09-29-2008, 11:55 PM
Those of us that are from Butte America are rather happy with the town. The rest of the state is just jelous that we are the unique town that we are.

(smiley face smiley face)

U of M that safety from Butte is pretty good as are a few others with Butte roots.Lebsock, Klabo, Bender, Schulte

As far as the fishing, The clarks fork is good as is the Big Hole. This one is one of the must fish places.

Also check out Fich On down on Harrison ave by the Mall. Paul Redfern has been fishing the area for years and his shop is a good one too. also Bob LeFevre at Fran Johnsons also on Harrison up from Pork Chop Jons is another long time shop. I remember Lee wulff tieing flies in this pplace with no vise. Check out the George Grant display at Frans' quite impressive

The uptown is a great place to visit any time and Maloney's is a great place and there is the M & M. The list goes on.

Uof M next time out meet me in butte and I will show you a good time, get you a tour of the mine and even show those secret places on the Big Hole.

Butte Irish and glad of it.

(smiley face cause i can't figure out how to make them)