View Full Version : Bear scare Little River- Cucumber Gap Trail

08-29-2008, 01:08 AM
A Very Serious Warning. (I've have my computer out of service for a week). I fished above Elkmont last week for several days. The NPS closed site#24 due to bear activity. I talked with local hiker who was near there AND KNEW HIS STUFF, who had a cub follow him for a mile before he shook him up there. The cub was looking for food having probably been fed. My wife and I decided NOT TO FISH up that high for that reason. My son met up with us and camped that last night. He wanted a short hike before coming home to Ky with us. We hiked up Little River Trail, then up Cucumber Gap Trail. As we crossed the creek, we heard a noise and looked up to see a cub in a tree near the trail. As we took a quick picture, branches started dropping and Momma was coming down -fast-looking like a logger in a competition. Branches flying. We "retired from the field" with bear spray in hand. My son, Brad has AT thruhiked,is an ADK 46er and lead backpacking trips 2 summers for Tremont. I hiked and fished Canada, Yellowstone and Smokies for 35+ years. Neither of us did anything to provoke the sow other than our presence. I know NPS has been trying to trap them up high.