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08-29-2008, 01:12 AM
A Very Serious Warning. (I've have my computer out of service for a week). I fished above Elkmont last week for several days. The NPS closed site#24 due to bear activity. I talked with local hiker who was near there AND KNEW HIS STUFF, who had a cub follow him for a mile before he shook him up there. The cub was looking for food having probably been fed. My wife and I decided NOT TO FISH up that high for that reason. My son met up with us and camped that last night. He wanted a short hike before coming home to Ky with us. We hiked up Little River Trail, then up Cucumber Gap Trail. As we crossed the creek, we heard a noise and looked up to see a cub in a tree near the trail. As we took a quick picture, branches started dropping and Momma was coming down -hot and fast-looking like a logger in a competition. Branches were flying. We "retired from the field" with bear spray in hand. My son, Brad has AT thruhiked,is an ADK 46er and lead backpacking trips 2 summers for Tremont. I hiked and fished Canada, Yellowstone and Smokies for 35+ years. Neither of us did anything to provoke the sow other than our presence. I know NPS has been trying to trap them up high.

Keep your eyes open for the Sow and Cub if they are still around and give them plenty of room.
Apparently they are headed down toward the campground.

08-29-2008, 06:30 AM
That area is known for bears, although their aggresiveness is unusual since they weren't provoked. Thanks for the heads up i'm sure those who choose to go up there will keep this in mind.