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09-06-2008, 04:01 AM
I Know Bringing Up Snatching Fish On A Fffing Board Is Akin To Inviting A Leprous Heretic To A Kindergarden Party,but Down Here In Nw Fla We Do Snatch Mullet.cleaned Right Away,they Are Great Fried Or Smoked.most Use A Surf Rod,20# Line,and Laarrge Treble Hooks.i Used To Live On A Houseboat In Panama City And Was Snatching Mullet Off The Bow One Day And Lost My Last Treble Hook.digging In My Saltwater Box,all I Could Find Were #6 Trebles.holding It In My Palm,i Thought,****,it Doesn't Weigh Anymore Than A Fly!then It Hit Me.i Got My Old Glass 7wt,tied On 8' Of 10# Mono And The Little Treble Hook And Proceeded To Have A Ball!the Mullet Ran From 18-24" And Up To 3#.had Several Take Me Into The Backing!dogged,hard Fighters!caught 7,and Had To Un-cramp My Casting Arm.this Is Sight Fishing.hooked One Had To Go 5# That Took All 5o Yds Of Backing And Broke Off!mullet Are In All The Bays Around Nw Fla.wading The Flats,you'll See The Schools.watch Their Movement,and Get In Position. Hook One And Hang On!p.s.mullet Don't Hit Lures,flies,or Bait.snatching Is The Only Option,unless You Can Use A Cast Net And I Like My Front Teeth!paid Good Money For 'em.