View Full Version : 3wt. line on a 4/5 wt. rod???

09-11-2008, 04:33 PM
I have a "Cabelas" 7'6" Fish Eagle III 4/5 wt. rod. I think it has a med.-fast action. Would a 3wt. line work or would it be too light of a line for a 4/5 wt. rod? Has anyone tried this before? What was your experience like?

R Morring

09-12-2008, 09:45 AM
The Fly Line weight refers to the first 30 feet of the line. A 3wt line weighs 100 grains in the first 30 feet, a 4wt is 120 grains and a 5wt is 140 grains. The section of the lines past 30 feet is "usually" the same across several different wts (for a manufacturer).

Therefore you will see a 20-40% weight difference by underlining your rod if you make casts of about 30' (Underlining is the term for using a less weighted fly line that what your rod is manufacturered to handle). Underlining can be a good tactic if you are making long casts and want to provide delicate presentation (40-60+ feet). The reduced weight up front is beneficial because you can throw more line effectively.

However, if you are in the mountains its probably not a good idea. In fact you may want to Overline you rod with something heavier to effectively cast 15-20' feet. Again because your rod is manufactured to have a sweet spot to cast a certain amount of weight.

So the final answer is...maybe...

Look at what type of casting you do and pick the proper line to make your flyrod work best. I have a 7'6" 3wt TFO Pro that I use in the mountains, that I overline with a 4wt line to make better short casts (15-20'). If you are on tailwaters all the time, you might be fine with the 3wt on a 4/5wt rod...

09-12-2008, 10:28 PM
I too have a 7'6 3wt TFO Pro, for which I have a 4wt DT line for tight quarters, I also use it on the Sipsey...but when the kids get a little spooky, requiring longer leaders I revert back to the WF3 for distance and stealth, there is a significant drop off in how far down into the butt the 3wt flexes the rod and I "miss" the loading provided by the 4wt line

I have not "wiggled" a fish eagle rod and am not familiar with the action, but my edumacted guess would be that it will feel different to you... best advice try it with both and see what you like or dislike under each circumstance.

There are a few shops that have reels loaded with different weights of line, and most will gladly let you try the line/reels on your rod to help you make your choice...my advice, get both:biggrin: