View Full Version : Missing Gear

09-19-2008, 08:57 AM
I had my canoe turn over on me on the upper Watauga yesterday. They were pulling two generators and I could'nt quite grab everything and swim at the same time. I lost my fly rod, wading boots, and wading socks. I had just stopped to get strung up, started back down stream and got dumped. I did save most of my gear. While tipping over I managed to grab my lifevest, of course, my paddle, hat, and dry bag. Just a little positive note, the dry bags are a wonderful things to have. When I went over I was able to keep things safe and dry while using the bag as a floatation device. Talk about a multi-tasker.

Anyway. If anyone can provide any info on finding some or all of my lost gear, please contact at christian_aaron11@hotmail.com.