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09-20-2008, 12:32 PM
Well, after Hurricane Ike had passed and the gulf calmed down enough to fly fish it was Wedensday morning. I hit Okaloosa beach with a crease fly (my avatar pic) and got a lady fish to hit but no take :mad: , then switched to crab patterns, nothin :mad: not even a nibble. Then , yes I went to the dark side for a bit and used my spinning rod combo, hooked a big Ladyfish but it threw the hook out :eek: . That afternoon we hit the east jetties on the western end of Destin, unable to throw flies there due to the bloulders the size of small cars and jagged submerged rocks. Back in PCB on Thursday morning I had no luck at all with any form of tackle. Wife and I hit the beach at 11:00 and the crowd was thick in the water. I took the fly gear out anyway. I made my way out to the sandabars that were the least crowded and started throwing Murkin crabs, Mc Fleas, Shrimp patterns, still nothin!:confused: So I thought to myself, when this happens in freshwater bodies of water I just go smaller fly size. BINGO! I had just piked up a chartruse/white clouser #6or7 , started getting good hits but no takers. changed to a brown and gold deciver #10 got a Pompano but tossed the hook. Few cast later nothin again :confused: . I dug through the now full of water fly box (got to get a water tight one) Tied on the smallest fly I had, a McShrimp maybe size 12 or 14. First cast with the McShrimp big hit, got an AmberJack, fought like a 2 lb. bass. Got him to my hand and he was about 9in. long and about half as tall as my hand. What a fun litte fish to catch!:biggrin: Unable to get pics , i need to get a waterproof camera. Just could not get out to the deeper water where the big ones were. Saltwater flyfishing is great and will take getting used to.
All in all it was a great week of fishing and enjoying life.:smile:
Thanks to everyone for all the info and tips that were put into use on my trip. Great fishing to all!
Mark <::><

09-21-2008, 10:55 AM
I am sorry that you chose your week in the sun when a hurricane was churning in the Gulf. I thought about you when I heard that the road across the Island was closed due to water on the highway. You might have had better luck if you had fished in the bay. I know that has become harder to do in the last few years due to all of the development. Now that these developers screwed up this place many of these houses have realator signs decorating thier front lawn. It makes me sick that our taxes are going to have to bail out all the greedy yuppies. The next time that you come down this way give me a call. I was out of town when you finally got to go fishing so it wouldn't have done much good to contact me on this trip. If you come down here in the future you can contact me at Windknot5@cox.net.
The go-to fly around here is the C/W clouser so you were using the right fly. Remember that Pompano strike short many times. That goes for Ladyfish as well. If you tie you should tie on long shank hooks with the material extending only just past the hook bend. One more tip: Fish early in the morning. Not only because the fish are more likely to be in close and feeding but also because the bathing beauties are still snoozing.

09-22-2008, 03:25 PM
Glad to hear you had fun on your trip bigpopper. Here in about two weeks ill be on my way down to Destin. Sorry to hear the hurricane had the water rough for you. Whats the water conditions like Panhandle. Is the clarity back to normal. Panhandle, I dont know for sure whether I will be able to hook up with you while im down there this trip. Im missing a week of college and will have work to make up on the trip. My girlfriend will also be down there at the same time visiting her moms side of the family that lives on the bay in Niceville so I will probably visit with them some. Ive got a feeling it will be pretty chaotic. However if it turns out that I get a full day free I will give you a quick email or something. I will probably end up just doing alot of surf fishing close by.

09-26-2008, 01:17 PM
I understand that you will be crunched for time. The Gulf should have very clear water and calm seas since the wind has been out of the north. Further more north winds are forcast through the rest of the week. I went out Wednesday with a couple of buddies. We went out in East Bay north of Pensacola. Two of us fly-fished while one stayed with his favorite top water plug on a spinning rod. We got a combined total of 30 to 35 Specks. They were small schoolies (12 to 14 inches) but we had fun with them. Our local fly-fishing club is in our fall tournament. I didn't even take a picture of the fish I caught. I'm confident that I'll do better before the tournament ends.

09-29-2008, 11:52 AM
Panhandle, thanks for the report. Good luck in the rest of the tourney! Im already amped to get back down there. Im going to be completely worthless this week in college before I leave Saturday.:biggrin: