View Full Version : Little River 9-28

09-30-2008, 07:59 AM
I fished the Little River between Metcalf and Elkmont for a few hours on Sunday mid-day. Per LRO's reccomendations, I used small dries and nymphs. I ended up with 3 trout, two browns and a 10" bow. The bow was really cool, one of those rare bites that happens on the perfect cast and perfect drift on a #20 sulphur dry. It was a really pretty fish and my best in the mountains.

I also caught 3-4 war-paint shiners and had about a million more "bite".

09-30-2008, 04:21 PM
I hiked about 3 miles up the Little River Trail and fished for about 3 hours on Sunday morning/afternoon. I managed only three fish. Two 6-7 inchers and a 9" rainbow. Caught all three on a #16 Orange Stimi. Tried Orange Palmers, Orange Doc's Corks and Yellow Stimi, as well as Copper Johns, Tellicos and GRHEs.

Didn't get many strikes either. Spooked some fish, but in general didn't see as many as I thought I would. I did find a pool with about 10 fish feeding low, but couldn't find anything to entice them...

6 Miles of hiking, three hours of fishing and three fish to hand...sloooooooowww

09-30-2008, 09:12 PM
I fished WPLP off the second Quiet Walkway on Friday (first time that low). Tried a lot of combinations in some beatiful water and got only three fish. Thought it was just me.

Most interesting catch of the day was my last one. About 7-8 inch bow that was almost black. Second one of those I've seen lately. All the markings were there but almost monochromatic with varying shades of dark. Beautiful fish - unfortunately had loaned out my camera and the battery was run down so I couldn't get a picture.