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10-19-2008, 02:23 PM
Byron,most Crab Traps Are 3'x3'x18".bulky,chickenwire Affairs.a More Convenient For You Would Be The Collapsible Model.about 18"sq Base W/moving Sides.tie The Bait-old Chicken Neck Or Road Kill-when You Check It Periodically,pull String,sides Come Up +close.if You Use Big Traps,set Them And Go Fishing To Check Later,they Might Be Gone On Return.comm.trappers Guard Their Terr. As For Male/female-look At The Belly.there Is A Flap On Rear Of Shell.if It Narrows Quickly To A Elongated Point-male.wide Flap-female.under Fem Flap Is Where Eggs Will Be.looks Like Orange Slush.after Cooking,flap Is Your Pull-tab.pell Flap Back W/thumb-insert Other Thumb In Hole+pry Apart.clean Out Innards+'devil's Fingers'and Enjoy.as Tracy Said About Hepburn-ain't Much There,but What' There's Cherce

Byron Begley
10-19-2008, 06:14 PM

Thanks for the information. I've looked online and I have a ton of printed sheets to read tonight. In Florida there are two kinds of crabs that require two types of traps from what I've seen so far. Blue Crabs and Stone Crabs require a different trap I think. It is an interesting type of fishing for sure. I'm going to keep digging into the information. I think it would be fun to drop some traps out in the morning, go fishing then check them in the evening and have some fresh crabs for dinner.


10-20-2008, 10:48 AM
Byron - you want crabs? Come on over to Louisiana - we have so many, they'll hit when you're fishing - only problem is, they know exactly when to let go, so it's hard to flip them in the boat. As for the crabs with eggs - that's the "berry" stage...you can't miss them when you see them.

10-20-2008, 01:34 PM
Byron,stone Crabs Can Only Be Caught In Season.chk Local Regs.also,you Can Only Keep One! Claw.just Break Off And Release.he'll Grow Another.careful! A Stone Crabs'
Pinch Is Like Visegrips!will Draw Blood.but,son---------i'd Rather Eat Stone Crab Claw Than Lobster.ummmmmmmmmmmm!

10-20-2008, 09:59 PM
All this talk of crabs is maiking me hungry! And it's bring back fond memories of my crab pots back in NC. Fresh crab every couple of days, blue crabs and stones................mmmmmmmm:biggrin:

By the way, if you want to go the "old fashioned" route as my Grandpa would say. Use a turkey/chicken neck on a long string with a block on the other. This is fun with kids because they get to see the crabs come up close before you scoop 'em up with the net.

Byron Begley
10-21-2008, 12:13 PM

So you just break off the largest claw if it meets the measurement requirement? I wondered how that was done. I also read if that is not done right the crab can bleed to death. The season opened in Florida for stone crabs on October 15th. I don't know if we will get into trapping on this trip. We are running out of time. I owe a guy at a bait shop in Crystal River a favor so I plan to buy some traps there next week. We may or may not use them. It is also my understanding that a stone crab and blue crab require a different trap. Is that true?


10-21-2008, 02:15 PM
Living on the Chesapeake Bay in MD when I was a kid, I'd catch 'em with chicken on a string. Whatever method, Old Bay is definitely a must when you cook them

10-21-2008, 05:37 PM
Allright,byron,here Goes.you Can Catch St.crabs By Hand!use Mask+snorkle.st Crab Lives In A Hole That Is Just Wide Enuff He Fits ,but Can't Extend Claw.sits At Opening W/elbow Of Big Claw Outward,facing His 3' Lond Oval Beach He Keeps Clean.wear A Thick Glove.after Spot Him,approach From Behind,anchor L.hand In Sand Just Above His Lair.steel Your Nerves,flash Rt Hand Down And Grab His Elbow,twist Wrist And Snap Off Claw.if You Miss,reach Into Hole,probably Up To Elbow,feel His Elbow,grab Him And Pull Him Out.asss Ssooonn As He Clears Hole,immediately Grab Other Elbow W/lft Hand,cause That Claw Is Comming Around!snap Off Big Claw.simple As That.in Case You're Wondering,i've Done This Many Times.the First Time's The Hardest.don't Insert Arm Into Any Hole On The Bottom That You Don't See A Stone Crab In.oyster Crackers Are **** On Fingers.

10-21-2008, 05:52 PM
Sorry I Didn't Include To Last Post.yes,different Trap.st.crab Trap Is Wooden Slatted Box With Sq Hole In Top.they Climb Up And Fall In.can't Get Out Cause They Can't Swim!stone Crab Traps Are Expensive To Buy,but Should Be Easy To Make.there Is Probably Inst. Somewhere On Line.

Paula Begley
10-21-2008, 07:13 PM
Old Bay is definitely a must when you cook them

Sorry, golfballs03, Old Bay contains ginger...which I am highly, avoid at all costs, allergic to. :frown: It'll have to be butter, garlic and lemon I'm afraid.

Thanks for all the tips, you guys!


10-21-2008, 11:33 PM
Old Bay? Nah...you need Zaterain's Crab Boil ;) You need something with some zip!